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The Best Places to Visit in North India on Gurpurab

Gurpurab, the joyful celebration of Guru Nanak Dev’s, the founder of Sikhism, falls on November 19th this year. If you’re looking for a spiritual and culturally enriching experience, North India has a plethora of sites steeped in Guru Nanak’s and Sikhism’s legacy. Travel to these North Indian locations to honor Gurpurab, from the grandiose Golden Temple to lesser-known gems.

  • Amritsar, Punjab

The spiritual hub of Sikhism, Amritsar, pulsates with Gurpurab’s vivid energy. The renowned Golden Temple, covered with shimmering gold leaf, invites pilgrims to take a plunge in the holy Sarovar pool and watch the captivating palki procession of Guru Granth Sahib. Immerse yourself in the heartfelt hymns reverberating throughout the complex, and let yourself get carried away by the collective spirit of langar, the free community kitchen.

  • Anandpur Sahib, Punjab:

Anandpur Sahib, located along the Sutlej River, was Guru Gobind Singh’s headquarters and the birthplace of the Khalsa, the Sikh brotherhood. Witness the splendor of the Takht Sri Kesgarh Sahib, where the Khalsa was formally established, and relax in the tranquility of the baoli (stepwell) where Guru Gobind Singh meditated. During Gurpurab, don’t miss the bright nagar kirtan processions and the illumination of the sacred city.

  • Sultanpur Lodhi, Punjab:

Guru Nanak Dev lived in Sultanpur Lodhi for 28 years, making it a prominent pilgrimage site. Visit Kali Bein, where he attained enlightenment, and the Mohalla (village) where he lived a modest life. Immerse yourself in local customs and observe the enthusiasm of Gurpurab celebrations, which cover the town in bright colors.

  • Naina Devi, Himachal Pradesh:

Naina Devi, located in the scenic Dhauladhar range, has special significance for Sikhs. Guru Nanak Dev is claimed to have visited the sacred shrine and meditated in its tranquil surroundings. Take a cable car up to the temple, bask in the beautiful Himalayan views, and take part in the special Gurpurab celebrations.

  • Patna, Bihar:

Guru Nanak Dev spent several years in Patna spreading the Sikhism message. Explore the rich history of Sikhism in Bihar by visiting Takht Sri Patna Sahib, the gurdwara established on the place where he lived. Witness the lively Gurpurab celebrations, which unite the city in a spirit of dedication and joy.

In North India, celebrating Gurpurab promises a journey of spiritual refreshment, cultural immersion, and loving hospitality. So pack your bags, embrace the festival spirit with The Style.World, and embark on a pilgrimage that will enlighten and inspire you.


By: Thushitha M

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