Granny’s comfort foods at your doorstep


Curious to know from where the smell of succulent chicken and fresh dough has suddenly started to waft in the air? Has the sound of crispy bacon sizzling on a pan and butter melting on hot toast made you feel nostalgic? Yes, you guessed that right, Granny is back in the kitchen and preparing a welcoming feast for you with extra love and hygiene in place so that we all can stay at home and enjoy our favourite meals from Sly Granny.

In keeping with her philosophy of decadence and indulgence, Sly Granny introduces a special range of DIY (Do it yourself) kits, that incorporates some of her secret ingredients, helping you make your own favourite dish with Granny’s hearty, delectable and replenishing recipes and ingredients. Simply follow her instructions and enjoy your grills or pasta at home. Make your own Lemon pesto vegetable skewers and pick your favourite sauce from the menu to personalise your meal according to your taste. For meat lovers, they have options available in meat and seafood. Bring out the chef in you and treat your family with her DIY pasta kit while she helps you choose from a variety of secret ingredients to add on and bring your comfort food love to another level.

Taking a leaf out of Granny’s globetrotting adventure book, Sly Granny curates a special section in the menu featuring ‘Granny’s Deli’ bringing you freshly marinated meats and grilled vegetables straight from her kitchen. Order online from their menu, comprising of a range of delicatessens products like Herb Marinated Chicken, Marinated Sea Bass, BBQ Cottage cheese steak, Pesto Vegetable skewers and White Wine & Rosemary Braised Pork Belly. 

Bringing alive organic elements and the best of comfort food from Granny’s recipe books, the globe-spanning menu is back in full swing that will allow you to experiment and explore like never before. From refining the art of quintessential tapas, choose your favourite 4 pm snacks from their Small Plates section. For the ones who like to stay healthy, their selection of salads – Mustard Potato Salad, Barley Salad with fresh yoghurt, orange reduction, peanuts, and Pickled Mustard Seeds, Granny’s House Salad with Citrus Dressing and Lentil Salad with Apple, Fennel and Mustard Dressing are equal parts delicious and nutritious. With signatures from their menu including gourmet burgers and sandwiches with hand-cut fries; Earth Bowl; Chorizo & Sour Cream Pizza; Lamb Kebabs with Pita, Tzatziki and Garlic Labneh and Pickles; Granny’s Cheese Board from our Grazing platters section, one can choose to go all out with our indulgent and hearty cuisines.

“We are focusing more on offering new and different varieties of meals and have introduced Granny’s Deli section for all those who would like to enjoy freshly marinated meats and grilled vegetable skewers and “Do it Yourself” kits which will include ingredients that will be done to a certain extent along with instructions for how you can complete the dish at home which will also give you a fun family cooking session along with a Granny Special gourmet meal. You can now choose from our range of cuisines, exclusively made for home deliveries.” – Rahul Khanna and Kabir Suri, Co-Founders, Azure Hospitality.

From Indiranagar, Sly Granny is delivering within a 10 km radius. Keeping in mind safety aspects and ensuring a healthy and safe delivery option for its customers, they are taking some extra precautionary measures along with their dedicated Quality Assurance Team. Their employees are all being given regular temperature checks, washing their hands with industry approved soap every 20 minutes followed by the use of an alcohol-based sanitiser, use of face masks, gloves, beard and hairnets by all chefs and food handlers, use of mobile phones is prohibited while preparing food to avoid any possibility of cross-surface contamination, All food handlers and chefs always maintain a distance of minimum 1.5 meters from each other, all packaging boxes, delivery bags and plastic cling machines used for sealing are sanitized regularly with approved sanitizers.


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