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Goa Unzipped: Unpacking the State’s Latest Twists and Turns

Goa Unzipped: Unpacking the State’s Latest Twists and Turns

Sun-kissed beaches whisper secrets to swaying palms, colorful streets pulsing with a kaleidoscope of cultures, and the perfume of spice-infused delicacies wafting through the air—Goa, the jewel of the west coast, calls you with a melody of beauty, adventure, and a taste of heaven. From the golden sands of Calangute to the secret coves of Agonda, every part of Goa tells a story: of Portuguese whispers in colonial architecture, of spicy flavours in Goan xacuti and vindaloo, and of a laid-back rhythm that urges you to slow down and take it all in. Dive into the turquoise waves, explore spice farms hidden in verdant embrace, and relish the symphony of influences that dance on your plate.

Tanjore Tiffin Room With Tamil Flavours in Anjuna, Goa

From Mumbai to Anjuna, Goa, the Tanjore Tiffin Room arrives. Restauranteur Kishore DF, known for establishments like Pot Pourri and Lemon Grass, Seijo & The Soul Dish, WTF!, The Big Nasty, Butler & The Bayleaf, is in charge of this culinary initiative. The restaurant, a tapestry of Tamilian delicacies weaved in a 150-year-old Portuguese bungalow, covers 6500 square feet and offers an intimate yet large experience with a 120-seater dining space and a 50-seater bar lounge. Dive into Marina Beach! Sundal’s zesty embrace, perfectly grilled Madras Tiger Prawns, Jackfruit Biryani, Prawn Biryani, and a finely designed beverage menu.

Goa Unzipped Unpacking the State's Latest Twists and Turns


Experience Urrak Like At Elephant & Co, Goa

Embark on a flavorful journey with exclusive Urrak specials at Elephant & Co., Goa, with Urrak Picante and Urrak High. Elephant & Co. prides itself on celebrating Goa’s rich cultural heritage. At Elephant & Co, every sip is a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional experiences that honour the past while embracing the present. Join on this Urrak odyssey and discover Goa’s spirit like never before!

Goa Unzipped Unpacking the State's Latest Twists and Turns

Ayatana Hospitality launches its newest property Azora Goa

Ayatana, a premium chain of boutique hotels and luxury resorts in India, has marked its debut in the Goan hospitality scene with the unveiling of Azora, a luxury lifestyle resort. Following a successful marathon at Azora Kochi, the second jewel in the Azora series boasts of the marvellous Greek architecture-inspired villas offering a perfect escape to tranquilly amidst the splendid beauty of Goa.

Elephant & Co, Goa Hosts a 3-day Asian Food Pop-Up

Elephant & Co, Goa brings to you an exclusive culinary experience from 24th to 26th May 2024, featuring a bespoke menu curated by Chef Seefah and Chef Karan Bane. Taste the new definition of Asian food brought to you by Chef Seefah and Chef Karan and indulge in her signature creations such as Thai-style prawn cake, grilled whole fish, and mango sticky rice dessert, perfectly paired with Elephant & Co’s exquisite cocktails.

Event Date: 24th to 26th May
Where: Elephant & Co, Prana Cafe Goa

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