Fast, Fresh, Flavourful


What should I cook for dinner?

This cookbook will help you find the answer to this much dreaded question – A veritable guide for fuss free meals with gourmet flavours, the dishes featured here are essentially: Fast. Fresh. Flavourful.

Using local ingredients and simplifying basic techniques, Natasha shows you how to create global dishes that will please the family with minimal stress. Inspired by her time spent living in various parts of the world and enhanced by her family heritage, be sure to get a taste of Asia in the form of satays, pad Thai and Singaporean laksa; bring home Middle Eastern delicacies through incredible mezze platters; revel in the flavours of Italian home cooking; top it all up with some fiery Mexican, fresh salads, wholesome Buddha bowls and shortcuts to delectable desserts.

Soon to be your ‘go to’ reference for easy cooking, pick up tips on smart cooking, utilising leftovers and creating weekly meal plans. The recipes are flavourful yet healthy, fresh, yet fast and don’t keep you in the kitchen all day.

The essence here is to celebrate the vibrancy and the versatility of vegetarian cooking. However, each recipe mentions a meaty substitution. Whatever your dietary preference, the array in these pages is sure to bring you pleasure.

Creator of the Instagram blog, Cucina Mia by Natasha, Natasha Celmi is a self-taught chef and is popular for her cooking workshops around India. Her speciality is teaching people the art of cooking global flavours using fresh local produce. Natasha is Indian and her husband hails from Southern Italy and they have lived in various parts of the world- it is this cross-cultural influence that is the ethos of her food philosophy.

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