DIY Deli from Smoke House Deli


Goodness in the time of a pandemic feels like something out of a dream, but Smoke House Deli — with its commitment to mindful and wholesome eating — has crafted a way to make it a reality.

Smoke House Deli is now delivering DIY Deli, a range of packages filled with fresh ingredients and recipes so that its patrons can cook Smoke House Deli’s beloved dishes inside their own homes. One can pick from a Penne Arrabbiata Kit, Fettuccine in Cheesy Alfredo, Tomato Mascarpone Risotto or the Old School Mac N Cheese Kit.

These kits are being delivered in Mumbai and Bengaluru and will soon expand in other cities too. DIY Deli ranges across a selection of our best mains and desserts and each kit serves 2 (perfect for date night!)

Food has always been a source of comfort and we at Smoke House Deli have cultivated a way to bring that goodness directly to you, with our DIY Kits. It serves as a reminder that SHD’s offerings are handmade by people who pour their love into cooking something special for their customers.


Safety Message & Measures by Smoke House Deli Team:

Nothing is more important to us than the well-being of our patrons. We want them to have some goodness in their life, so here are some precautions that the Smoke House Deli staff is taking to ensure that the food reaches you safely:

They are armed with safety gear like face masks and gloves at all times while handling and cooking your food.

Their body temperature is checked regularly, and they sanitise their hands every hour.

Work stations and kitchen utensils are sanitised with a chlorine solution every 90 minutes.

All our produce is sourced from organic and trusted partners, and it also goes through our own sanitisation process.

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