Cotton Candy To Superhero Murals, It’s All Here


 Bangalore Got Everything For You

Here are some extraordinary cafes in Bangalore.

Have you had any Alice In Wonderland moments in Bangalore? Here are some Fairyland Cafes that have some dreamy cafes with exceptional characteristics that will blow your mind.

Japan Travel Cafe Azuki

 Bangalore Got Everything For You

Can’t afford tickets to Japan? Well, Japan Travel Cafe Azuki is the perfect gateway to Japan in Bangalore. The café has everything from food, language classes to cultural exchanges also.

The cute and homely café is the perfect place to get a warm Japanese traditional welcome with some delicious Japanese food. They have everything from Kakiage Donburi Rice Bowl to Matcha Milk. The café has some traditional Mochi dessert, which is a Japanese rice cake. Not the Mochi Ice cream but the real Mochi with the red bean paste filling inside.

Candy Cloud Factory

 Bangalore Got Everything For You

Head to the Cotton Candy Café in Koramangala, where you can get 50 types of candy and desserts. They also have some yummy sandwiches, burgers, shakes, deep-fried things and waffles, once you’re done with all the sugar rush. Also, try the epic Cotton Candy Burrito. The creamy ice cream wrapped in fluffy cotton candy is the perfect Fairyland Food ever.

Amour Fine Patisserie

 Bangalore Got Everything For You

If you’re wondering where to find an Authentic Parisian Boulangerie in Bangalore, then it’s the time to visit Amour Fine Patisserie. There’s plenty of natural light which highlights the pink and teal aesthetics of the café. The plush floral sofas and a Macaroon Tower and a Scale Model Of The Eiffel Tower in a perfect French setting is what you will find here. Don’t forget to try out their yummy macaroons, tarts, croissants and coffee.

Cafe Down The Alley

 Bangalore Got Everything For You

This is for the comic book geeks to fill their hunger for Superhero Murals And Posters. Cafe Down The Alley is filled with Marvel and DC Comics artworks. You can run into a Joker and even a Wolverine and there is no doubt that this place will turn into one of your favourite spots. Don’t forget to find your favourite Comic Book Covers on the walls too.

DYU Art Café

 Bangalore Got Everything For You

This Kerala-styled house with an open courtyard, lot of greenery and red-oxide flooring is the perfect spot to retrieve your nostalgic moments spent back home in Kerala. Head here on the weekends with a book or browse their artwork displayed on the walls. Try out the delicious menu that has great options for breakfast dishes, salads, sandwiches, desserts and beverages.

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