Add Some Spice to your Life with Conosh DIY Kits


Conosh is a hyper-local service which allows you to eat delicious food whether its eating at home or restaurant with like – minded people. The goodness of home cooked food and great company. Conosh has now launched cook along DIY kits for those not stepping out due to the pandemic. It is an extension of their social hours. The idea is to continue bringing people together over food, this time it being cooking! Experience the goodness of home cooked food with Conosh DIY kits.

Their first DIY Session was with Sumitra Aunty who as her yearly ritual travels to Vizag during summers to make pickles. But this year she wasn’t been able to due to covid. Pickling over years has lost sheen, but those who have still preserved the art are immensely proud of their techniques and uniqueness associated with the delectable culinary style. It is a step towards reviving that and making this art reach more homes. As part of the DIY kit the people who signed up received everything from Sumi aunty’s home (Mangoes, Her spice mix etc) which was home delivered.

Conosh’s DIY kits – What does it include

The DIY kits included everything that one would need to prepare a particular dish. A digital DIY pickle making session with home chef Sumitra where she taught people how to make mango pickles at home. DIY kits for that had all the masalas, raw mango, oil, and other necessary ingredients in the exact quantities so that the user of the DIY kit just has to follow the simple instructions and make the pickle.

When did this idea come into the forefront

Conosh thought of newer ways to help home chefs create opportunities for themselves either in the form of upskilling or creating income opportunities for them. These ideas are a part of their endeavour to be connected to the community and support them in every way possible during these not so ideal lockdown times. As the Lockdown happened, Instagram was taken by a storm of people who were cooking awe-inspiring dishes and on the other hand, other sets of people who lamented they couldn’t access such food. Sometimes, ingredients were an issue and at others, someone to help them step by step.

The experience so far and what the response has been

People have been quite excited for this as it is a fairly new concept. The digital DIY pickle making session was very well received and enjoyed by everyone who attended it. Some of them even said they finished the pickle in 4-5 days straight and the fact it was so easy and quick they would make it soon again to refill.

The upcoming DIYs

The other DIY sessions planned are SourDough breads, Make Pizza from Scratch etc. These Kits will include everything one would need to make these from flour to salt and in quantity as well.

The cost and how can one order

The prices will depend on the ingredients in the kit. The last experience was priced at 399 which included the kit as well as the online class by a homechef.

Conosh Online Experiences & Workshops

Apart from the DIY kits, they are conducting a number of online experiences around various themes that would help home chefs enrich and enhance their skill set, but also give people a platform to connect with each other. These sessions in the past have included a basic chai pe charcha to an upskilling session that includes baking some sourdough or learning about food photography! To book these experiences, one can follow us on Instagram (@conoshofficial) and/or check the website ( to know about these pop ups.

Homemade By Conosh

In the current pandemic, where social gatherings are paused for an unforeseeable future, Homemade by Conosh is taking the taste of home to people via Home Food Delivery. The idea is to give customers a break of everyday cooking, which they have been doing since the beginning of the lockdown and enjoy the authentic flavours via weekend special popup menus, where the local flavours have been a major attraction for the consumers, for instance the authenticity of the Andhra style brunches prepared by Home Chef Anuradha, the Bombay Mohalla food by home chef Wafa or the flavourful Keralan Porks & Beef by home chef Soju, all of these have the peculiar taste of the kitchen from which these are coming. A few times celebrated chefs have come onboard for popup menus curated by them! While the diners get a break from cooking and savour authentic home flavours, it gives steady income to home chefs.

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