A lawyer turned entrepreneur making it big in skin care and hygiene products x Mihira


Mihira’s By Mihira Kamath Chougule

A lawyer by profession, a match referee by passion and a consummate businesswoman by a twist of fate is how Mihira describes herself. She is a former state level cricketer and now acts as a BCCI match referee. Her entrepreneurship journey began right after she welcomed her daughter. “As any mother, I was super conscious of what Nysa was exposed to. I was living the organic and conscious lifestyle way
before she entered our lives. But with her, I wanted to make sure that she gets only the best!”

A lawyer turned entrepreneur making it big in skincare and hygiene products x Mihira
As a new mother, Mihira wasn’t happy with the skin care and hygiene products that she could use on her little one. Her aversion to using chemical and preservative laden products led her to conduct research on creating and crafting age-old home-based solutions. As her curiosity grew, she came across cold processed soaps the traditional way of soap making and decided to give it a try. The biggest advantage of cold processed soaps is that they retain glycerin and hence have natural moisturizing abilities and work wonders for skin.

A lawyer turned entrepreneur making it big in skincare and hygiene products x Mihira
The first batch came out really well and that was all the motivation she needed. She sent a few of them to her closest friends and family, excited for their feedback. However, as much as the soaps did their job, there was still room for improvement since it was Mihira’s aim to cater to all skin types. And with that began a long ride of iterations and experiments. Add to the fact, that every batch of new homemade soaps took at least 2 months to cure. It was a lesson in patience. She ultimately perfected the mix, blends and very soon, she began receiving orders for customized pieces.

A lawyer turned entrepreneur making it big in skincare and hygiene products x Mihira
It was all word of mouth for the next few years. And soon, with all the goodwill and feedback that she had gathered, Mihira decided to try her hand at a bigger skin care range. Today, Mihira’s boasts of an impressive product line-up that includes Lip Balms, Lip Cheek & Eye Tints, Body Lotions, Body Butters, Solid Perfume Bars, Foot Scrubs and Creams, Bath Salts, Shower Mousse, Body Oils, Kumkummadii Oil for face, Wax tablets as room fresheners etc. Each of these lines have a range of flavors and fragrances. Extreme caution is taken to ensure that only natural ingredients, cold pressed oils, essential oils and butters are used. Also the ingredients are thoughtfully used to suit different skin types. There is quite a demand for their lip balms, solid perfume bars and wax tablets. Mihira says that they are almost sold-out at every pop up she has done so far. In fact, she has customized most of her products to catering seasons and varied customer tastes! Not just that, they have recently come up with a vegan range to cater to popular demand.

Talking about the product quality, she says, “I made a promise to myself that anyone – whether it’s a child or a matured adult – can use my products without a second thought. I would never sell anything that I don’t personally believe in”. Using natural ingredients mean excessive production cost, but that hasn’t been a detriment to the philosophy that she believes in.

A lawyer turned entrepreneur making it big in skincare and hygiene products x Mihira
All Mihira’s products are derived from nature. The brand adheres to zero chemical or artificial preservative approach. And hence, their products are easily absorbed into the skin, are skin friendly and have in fact developed a fan following owing to their healing nature. Their lip balm, for example, is highly recommended for its immediate softening and brightening effects. And since their raw materials are of high grade, the products do come at a premium. However, her customers believe it’s small cost to pay in proportion to the benefits they receive from her products. Crafted from natural ingredients which are organically grown and locally sourced, Mihira’s skin care products aim to bring balance and harmony to skin. Natural and sustainable herbal fusions, botanical extracts and cold pressed oils, waxes and butters
are the core of every product. Mihira’s aims to create artisanal bath and body products that are not only skin loving but are also considerate towards Mother Earth.

A lawyer turned entrepreneur making it big in skincare and hygiene products x Mihira

The business aims to create an economy where local producers are supported completely. The defining factor for this brand is that it believes it can bring the raw healing power of nature to its customers in its pure form sans chemical additives and preservatives. And in this promise, they also ensure that only natural products are used right from production to packaging.

Customer Testimonials
Most of their customers are overjoyed with the fact that the cold processed soaps smell divine while owning cleansing properties. Ubtan and rose clay facial soap are one of the best sellers. Ubtan soap was made only during Diwali but due to customer demand it is now available all through the year. Customers are happy with her rose clay facial soap as it moisturizes the face and gives even tone to the skin. Their minty footscrubs and lotions have won rave reviews for their skin lightening properties. The scrub helps get rid of dead skin cells while maintaining natural skin balance.

Customers have also loved the Kumkummadi oils for tan removal, reduction in pigmentation and getting an even skin tone. Her whipped body butter is loved by customer for its moisturizing & nourishing properties. Solid Perfume as one of her customer Ms. Urvee says that she loves the “Secret Garden” and are skin friendly, travel friendly and pocket friendly solid perfume is just the perfect fit to soothe your
senses. They are very convenient to carry for a quick top up to keep your smelling fresh throughout the day.

A lawyer turned entrepreneur making it big in skincare and hygiene products x Mihira
What do we aim to do with Mihira’s
Mihira’s truly believe that healthy living is not just what you eat, but also how you live and the carbon footprint you leave behind with your actions. Hence the goal is to get more and more people to incline more towards a healthy, organic and natural living while ensuring that it is sustainable. They aim to create a community of customers who truly believe that they deserve the best and the best is not necessarily
quick action chemical remedies. Natural may be slow, but it is more effective in the long run


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