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While we’re still in 2023, it’s all about the couples who are now planning for their big day in the upcoming year, 2024. Celebrate love in style with bespoke brilliance that transcends trends and creates timeless memories. There is a lot that goes into planning a wedding. Gabbana is forever here, catering to your need for personalising and offering you a vast selection of designs and top-notch fabrics that will always keep you on trend! We’re committed to crafting wedding attire that not only reflects the latest trends but also tells the unique story of each groom. And last but not least, the best thing is that your best outfit is just an appointment away.

Colour Palettes:
The classic black tuxedo never goes out of style and will continue to be a popular choice in the coming season. Additionally, the grooms are breaking free from traditional colour norms. We expect to see a spectrum of hues, from sophisticated pastels to deep jewel tones, allowing grooms to express their personalities through their wedding attire.
For winters, we expect them to be indulging in the darker earthy tones like Dark Green, Navy Blue, and Shades of Red. The colours are far more popular to keep the warmth and style, creating the perfect spark for cooler weddings
For their summer weddings, they shall opt for lighter shades of the same, including pinks, sky blues, yellows, and many more. All whites are not the same, and the new-age grooms are going for it. The shades of white, like stark white, cream, ivory, soft white, and more, have made it to the list of colours for their wedding day attire.

The choice of fabric is as crucial as the design itself. Grooms are indulging in opulent materials such as silk, shot silk, velvet, brocade, and many fine fabrics, ensuring not just a visual spectacle but a phenomenal experience of luxury. The brocade fabric, jacquard, velvet, and other heavy and warmer fabrics will be seen making noise as the grooms adorn them for their winter wedding. Lighter but dashing fabrics like linen and cotton blends are making their way into the groom’s wardrobe for their special day. Linen is more popular due to its lightweight and stylish natural texture. Patterned fabrics are also making a comeback in 2024. This includes patterns like houndstooth, windowpane, and more that add a touch of sophistication and make the groom look more distinctive.

The Grooms are embracing modern silhouettes, exploring styles that seamlessly blend tradition with contemporary flair. At Gabbana, we add a touch of individuality to their wedding ensemble with personalised embroidery, monograms, and unique fabric textures that tell a story and express their individuality.
Modern-day grooms are making a statement with “the tailored look” that flawlessly drapes to the perfection of their physique. A well-tailored ensemble does wonders for your self-confidence and makes you stand out.
The grooms are rocking brocade and jacquard suits or jackets for their wedding day attire. As for 2024, flowers are more than just décor and bouquets. Bold floral patterns have made their way into the wedding wardrobes of grooms this year, making them peculiar and ultra-stylish. Floral designs are meticulously crafted onto the fabrics

Luxury Accessories:
Accessories are not an afterthought; they’re a vital component of groom fashion. The grooms are expressive, but not in a loud way. They are embracing their individual personalities by adding a small detail to their ensemble. Occasionally, the detailing adds a compliment to their partner’s outfit.

We can expect to see bold ties that can, furthermore, be personalised. Grooms can also be seen opting for personalised cufflinks and unique pocket squares that elevate the overall aesthetic. Additionally, we enhance your special day attire with buttons crafted from precious metals, such as silver, to infuse a touch of Gabbana.


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