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Manisha Koirala Rules The Show – Heeramandi

Manisha Koirala Rules The Show – Heeramandi

Manisha Koirala has always been a genuine person of interest for many people and these days she is the talks all because of the magnum opus of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Heeramandi. She is a royalty of Nepal and has always been the one who can mesmerise audiences since the days of Saudagar, her first debut in Bollywood. Manisha Koirala is the daughter of Prakash Koirala and the granddaughter of former Prime Minister of Nepal Bishweshwar Prasad Koirala. Even though she has a royal lineage, she wanted to be an actress in the Indian Film Industry and it is our great fortune that she has come back in front of the camera after a long time in a project like Heeramandi.

Manisha Koirala Rules The Show - Heeramandi

Manisha Koirala: Early life in front of the camera:

Starting her career with Saudagar, enacting the unforgettable’ Ilu ilu‘ in Hindi cinema, Manisha Koirala became the mystical girl of every man’s heart in the late 80’s and the 90’s. After that she had some remarkable movies throughout like Agni Sakshi, Lajja, Bombay, 1942 A love story, Khamoshi and many more. Her looks, style, her smile and presence in front of the camera captivated many for a very long time.

Manisha Koirala Rules The Show - Heeramandi

Manisha Koirala and her timeout:

Manisha Koirala Rules The Show - Heeramandi

After having a great success, she had a thundering downfall too! Alcohol and substance abuse were just the beginning of her career breakage. But in 2012, when we all thought that the world will come to an end, well Koirala’s world was coming to an end. She was diagnosed with 4th stage Ovarian Cancer and she gave her life a 360 degree change. She got herself cured with lot of treatments and reappeared in front of the media and camera with a bald and bold look.

Manisha and Sanjay:

She enacted in Khamoshi which was her first project with Sanjay Leela Bhansali. The movie gave her a different identity as an actress and she proved that she can do anything. If you could see this scene you will realize what a versatile actress she has always been.

And this collaboration took a very long time, and she came back again with SLB for Heeramandi! And yes, she came back with a BANG! She has delivered herself as Mallika Jaan in the most promising way and when done through the eyes of Sanjay Leela Bhansali, you remain as the mark for that character.

Mallika Jaan of Heeramandi:

Mallika Jaan has taken away the hearts of all the viewers. Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s dream-maker vision is Heeramandi, and Mallika Jaan is in charge of it. She not only rules the heart of Zulfikar Saahab but she commands every step and every movement of all the Tawaifs. Manisha Koirala did a lot of work on her diction of Urdu and she had to go through a lot of psychological changes while practicing for Heeramandi. Manisha’s looks were also picked out very carefully to define her as the Queen of all the Queens of Heeramandi. Her command in dialogue and her look defines Heeramandi series ravishingly! Have a look yourself.

Manisha Koirala has earned all the rights for the hype that is being given out to her role as Mallika Jaan, hasn’t she?

Mallika Jaan Looks from Heeramandi:

Mallika Jaan had a very elaborate looks for the role, her jewellery and her costumes were designed authentically. 3 years were taken only to design the jewellery by Sri Paramani Jewels and they references were taken from British Raj India. Every maang tika, natni, jhoomar and necklaces were handcrafted.

The costumes were designed by Rimple and Harpreet and they worked day and night with teir crew to define every cast looks. But the diamond of heeramandi that needs to shine the brightest was Mallika Jaan and her ensembles were breathtaking. Also the entire cast of the Queens walked on the ramp for the designers. And it was nothing less than magical.

All in all, Manisha rocked the role of Mallika Jaan and her entire fame after the Heeramandi release is well deserved! The workmanship of the sets of Shahi Mohalla, costumes, characters, jewellery gave a definition to the entire chapter of the grand Indian History of British raj India, it showed what people actually went through to get freedom for their country. How tawaifs got down on the roads and made it very clear that Britishers were not supposed to be there. Heeramandi is a defining chapter for charisma, cinematography, designing and conceptualization of imagination.


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