Yauatcha Bengaluru Spices Up the Holidays with Michelin-Starred Feast


Yauatcha Bengaluru Spices Up the Holidays with Michelin Starred Feast (5)

Yauatcha, an award-winning and internationally celebrated traditional Chinese dim sum teahouse, is all set to welcome the festive magic with its newly unveiled Christmas-special menu curated by the Michelin-starred Global Chef Andrew Yeo and Chef Pradeep Gomes. Featuring a delectable mix of traditional dishes tweaked into their modern interpretations, the Holiday menu at Yauatcha is a fusion of festive flavours that will set to become a cherished tradition. 

Embracing the joyous spirit with warmth and cheer, Yauatcha’s new menu offers a wide array of exquisite options for everyone. From comforting soups and flavourful dim sum to vibrant stir-fries and delectable desserts; the menu is thoughtfully crafted to harmonize a symphony of flavours and textures. 

The dishes on the menu at Yauatcha are- 

Senijin taro bun (Vegan):

The softest and fluffiest buns bursting with a creamy, earthy taro filling. Hints of warming spice dance on your tongue, creating a nutty symphony in every bite.

Yauatcha Bengaluru Spices Up the Holidays with Michelin Starred Feast (4)

Shanghai scallop dumpling:

Delicate little parcels representing the perfect blend of sea, earth, and spice; all wrapped up in one bite. Each one cradled with a treasure trove of minced scallops and prawns and steamed to perfection, revealing a succulent filling bursting with coastal flavours. Garnished with vibrant green chives to add that touch of freshness and vibrance. The crowning glory is a drizzle of vibrant curry sauce; its rich golden hue promises a warm, earthy embrace of spices and creamy goodness. 

Szechuan stir-fry Lamb

Discover Chef Andrew’s holiday delight, the Szechuan stir-fry lamb; a personal favourite crafted exclusively for Christmas. This culinary masterpiece features shredded lamb waltzing with vibrant vegetables in a fiery toban sauce, leading to a sensational finale of garlic-mint coulis. Indulge in this symphony of flavours at Yauatcha’s celebratory table.

Yauatcha Bengaluru Spices Up the Holidays with Michelin Starred Feast (2)

Fragola Gateaux: 

A masterpiece dish with fresh strawberries and light, airy sponge cake. This delightful dessert is the perfect way to end your festive meal at Yauatcha Bengaluru, leaving you with a taste of pure joy.

Embracing Vegan and Vegetarian preferences, the menu offers umami-rich Vegan XO dumpling and crispy walnut pumpkin roll. The showstoppers are Yauatcha’s signature Seaweed and tofu soup, Singapore noodles with mock meat, and Edamame fragrant fried rice. Undoubtedly, the menu offers a reimagination of classic dishes featuring a plant-based protein – the comforting yet gratifying Vegan mabo tofu.

The limited-edition menu at Yauatcha is all set to evoke the essence of the season, yet surprise and delight you with their contemporary interpretations. From classic roasts infused with exotic spices to decadent desserts reimagined with global influences, each bite promises a unique and unforgettable experience.

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