Vilvah Adds To Its Retail Footprint With Its 5th Store Launch


Vilvah Adds To Its Retail Footprint With Its 5th Store Launch

Vilvah, the renowned sustainable e-commerce skincare brand, proudly launched its physical store in Bangalore on this August. Situated in Malleshwaram, the store invites beauty enthusiasts to experience a realm of conscious skincare.

Vilvah has captivated skincare aficionados globally by prioritizing impeccable formulations crafted from locally sourced, fresh ingredients. The opening of this brick-and-mortar store signifies the brand’s commitment to creating an immersive space that embodies its ethos. Central to Vilvah’s philosophy is the belief that true beauty goes beyond skin-deep. The new store provides a platform for patrons to explore Vilvah’s extensive range of skincare solutions that marry effectiveness with sustainability.

Within Vilvah’s impressive array of offerings, its milk-infused collection shines as an epitome of innovation and luxury. From the indulgent goat milk soaps to the invigorating body washes, and the nourishing shampoos, this range has garnered a devoted following. These products embody Vilvah’s dedication to harnessing nature’s bounty to create skincare that is both opulent and ethical. Noteworthy bestsellers include the Milk Drops Brightening Serum, Aloe vera Gel, Melt-in-Milk Sunscreen, Milk Mud Mask, Anti-frizz Hair Serum, Cream Conditioner, Foot Cream, Honeyfix Facewash, Under Eye Cream, Lip Balm in Grapefruit, and Cookie N Cream Body Polish.

Talking about the launch, Vilvah’s Founder and CEO, Ms. Kruthika Kumaran, said, “The opening of our first physical store in Bangalore is a monumental step for Vilvah. It symbolizes our evolution from an online presence to a tangible, immersive experience for our customers. We’re excited to welcome beauty enthusiasts, both existing and new, to explore our products firsthand and discover the ethos that underpins Vilvah.”

Vilvah's Founder and CEO, Ms. Kruthika Kumaran

In Frame: Ms. Kruthika Kumaran – Founder and CEO of Vilvah


The new store in Malleshwaram is on the ground floor, near 10th cross, Sampige Road. The outlet goes beyond being a retail store, serving as a space for customers to engage with the brand’s story, understand its sustainable practices, and indulge in a comprehensive selection of products catering to diverse skincare needs.

Vilvah, with existing stores in Coimbatore, Chennai, and Tirupur, continues to redefine industry standards by upholding sustainability, quality, and ethical practices. It is a pioneering sustainable e-commerce skincare brand committed to crafting premium products with high-performance formulations. They are India’s first milk-based skin and haircare brand

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