Top Reasons To Visit BLR Brewing Co In Kanakapura


BLR Brewing Co. is the first traditional Brew garden in Bangalore, with trees older than 50 years! One of Bengaluru’s largest brew gardens, BLR Brewing Co., is tucked away near Kanakapura, JP Nagar, and Electronic City. The space boasts the five elements; Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Space in perfect synchrony in its Kanakapura location.

And today, we are going to highlight the top most reasons that makes BLR Brewing Co. a must-visit space.


BLR Brewing Co - A Must Visit

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  • A pet-friendly establishment with a carefully crafted pet menu

A pet friendly brewery! Could you ask for anything better? BLR Brewing Co. is a great destination for your pet’s outing as well as your foodie soul. This is the ideal location when all you want to do on the weekends is have a lovely breakfast with your four-footed loved one. Due to its outstanding customer service (be it to you or your pet), it is also among the busiest microbreweries in Bangalore. So, chill at its lovely outside dining area when you are looking for delectable bites and quality time!

  • Perfect Hub for Animal Lovers

Well well! We know that Bangalore boasts one of the best national park of the nation, Bannerghatta National Park but spotting birds with your favorite drink, ain’t its the best! BLR Brewing Co. is a great site to come if you’re a birdwatcher. The center pond, which has numerous golden fish, is the main attraction for kids. If you are looking to spend a tranquilizing time in nature, then you must visit it. Apart from birds and fish, finding ducks in the brewery is another fascinating point.

BLR Brewing Co - A Must Visit

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  • Breakfast, lunch, supper, or brunch with a view

There are several places to sit at BLR Brewing Co. There are a variety of alternatives available to you, depending on your mood and preference, whether you want to sit next to a fish pond, a boat fountain, a floral paradise, indoors, or somewhere else entirely, the choice is yours. Both during the day and at night, the area appears to be highly pleasant. Being there for 4-5 hours is not difficult given how Instagrammable and interesting the design is.

  • 7+ different types of craft beers, as well as beer cocktails

It is one of Bangalore’s finest craft brewery, and the staff members are enthusiastic about their beverages. Their menu offers key information on tasting notes, meal pairings, and alcohol level for both beer lovers and non-fans. Not to mention the mouthwatering cuisine that will liven up your party, the welcoming environment, and the courteous employees that add to its enjoyment. The size of this location is one of its outstanding features. Moreover, to serve people of different taste, BLR Brewing Co. keeps bringing newness to their craft beers and offer diversity.


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  • Live performance

The venue stays jam-packed with live entertainment, and they continuously enhance it by bringing in new performers. The list is endless and includes independent artists, live bands, light shows, and much more. Check out the upcoming events at Bangalore BLR Co. and consider attending if it fits your schedule. People of different ages and ethnicities attend the live music events, DJ dance parties, and Sunday brunch at BLR Brewing. Moreover, the place also hosts different fun-filled activities that keeps its visitors engaged.

  • A location for everyone

One brilliant thing which The Style.World understood about BLR Brewing company is that it is suitable for all age types. During our visit we saw people from different walks of life coming and relaxing here. Its a suitable place to hangout, date, relax with family and definately have fun with your friends

BLR Brewing Co - A Must Visit

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  • Menu suitable for Indian palette and special requests considerations

The complete menu is suitable for Indian palette. Each and every staff is very accommodative for any special requests placed. They serve Indian, Continental, Chinese and Italian food but with a twist of Indian flavor.

The Style.World was happy to visit the BLR Brewing Co. and see the mesmerizing view. The place was full of positivity and life!


Authored by Shrishti Jaiswal


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