Toast To Friendship Day With Highbury Classic Whiskey


Toast To Friendship Day With Highbury Classic Whiskey

As the world prepares to celebrate Friendship Day, Highbury Classic Whiskey emerges as the exceptional and exquisite choice for whiskey aficionados seeking to toast their camaraderie in style. Crafted and bottled in Goa, this classic whiskey promises a sensory experience like no other, with its gentle wisp of peat, tingling spice, and uniquely rich and full-bodied profile that transcends emotions and brings sheer pleasure to every sip.

Highbury Classic Whiskey is the epitome of smoothness, ensuring a consistently pleasing taste that generously satisfies whether enjoyed neat or on the rocks. Tailored to the enigmatic and uber-confident new generation, this unparalleled blend of imported malt spirits and grain spirit brings a layered complexity of flavors derived from double-charred wood, leaving the connoisseurs yearning for more.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Hints of grain, caramel biscuits, berries, and a touch of peat.

Palate: Delightful notes of raisins and stone fruits, complemented by cinnamon spice and a dash of vanilla, all beautifully rounded off with Oakwood.

Finish: A perfect harmony of honey, smoke, and a lingering peppery finish.

Highbury Classic Whiskey comes in an array of accessible packaging options, catering to diverse preferences. From the grand 1000ml to the classic 750ml, the convenient 375ml, and the intimate 180ml and 60ml bottles, the celebration of friendship becomes even more delightful with the perfect size to suit every gathering. 

Highbury Classic Whisky is available at all leading retail outlets at an affordable price of INR 850/- for a 750ml bottle.

This Friendship Day, raise your glass to the cherished moments, laughter, and lifelong bonds with Highbury Classic Whiskey. Whether you’re celebrating with your oldest friends or toasting to new connections, Highbury Classic Whiskey ensures that your spirits soar and memories linger.

Toast To Friendship Day With Highbury Classic Whiskey

Join the celebration of mastery and taste the excellence of Highbury Classic Whiskey.

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