This Christmas devour Parsi Dairy Farm’s Christmas specials with a hint of Parsi Dairy Farm’s traditions


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Parsi Dairy Farm, is a brand that carries a 107-year-long legacy of purity. They have introduced a limited-edition menu for Christmas. Keeping up with their traditions they have introduced 5 Indian sweets – White chocolate cranberry and pistachio fudge, Chocolate walnut fudge, coconut truffle, Date pista burst, and Kopara Pak truffle. These delights promise an exquisite journey that is crafted with the finest and purest ingredients.                                                

The Christmas specials include choices of 5 delectable treats that cater to every palate. The carefully crafted Kopara Pak truffle is a burst of unique and rich flavors of Indian sweets, a magical and rare combination of cranberry and pistachio is brought to life with the newly launched white chocolate cranberry and pistachio fudge and the smooth and creamy chocolate fudge has the perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness. The date pista burst and the coconut truffles are both desserts topped with contrasting flavors and textures which create a symphony of pleasure. What adds to the flavors of these Christmas specials is that it is made from the finest quality ingredients and with unchanging purity.

The Christmas sweets by Parsi Dairy Farm packed in newly designed and modern packaging create sweet and lasting memories for the festive season. Make sure to head out to your nearest Parsi Dairy Farm outlet and try these limited editions.

Also, here’s an exclusive winter recipe from Parsi Dairy Farm:

Gajar Halwa Mousse


400g Parsi Dairy Farm Gajar Halwa

200g of  Parsi Dairy Farm Dairy Cream 

1 Vanilla bean

50g Sliced pistachio


  • Take a long flat dish and line a layer of Gajar halwa.
  • In a blow pour out the dairy cream, split the vanilla bean and peal out the black seeds and add it to the dairy cream.
  • Whip the dairy cream till soft peaks.
  • Pour a layer of whipped cream on to the gajar halwa.
  • Cool in the fridge for 20 min.
  • Top the cream layer with sliced pistachio and serve and enjoy.

Strawberries & Cream Shots 


20 strawberries wash and slice 

200g of Parsi Dairy Farm Dairy Cream 

100g of Parsi Dairy Farm barela peda dust

200g white sponge cut in cubes 


  • Take a short Glass add the sponge cubes at the bottom.
  • Place the sliced strawberries as the next layer
  • Then pour on some pure thick Parsi dairy farm cream.
  • Repeat the strawberries and cream layer again and then top with barela peda dust for a punch of caramelized favour. 


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