The winner between Street Food and Street Fashion is Street Storyss !


Bangalore, 19 May 2023: The world is a stressful place since everything in it has been altered or is hazardous to our health. How do we stay on track if we eat at fast food restaurants or on the go? Instead of the usual incorrect oil, sugar, trans fat, and saturated fat found in street food, Street Storyss offered a healthier alternative. This restaurant has quickly become a hot spot due to its focus on using only fresh, local products sourced directly from farms.


The winner between Street Food and Street Fashion is Street Stroyss

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At last, I’ve discovered a place that offers vegetarian dishes, each with its own special twist. Common Indian ingredients are transformed into a delectable feast through the magic of Indian cooking. Everyone from meat eaters to those with dietary restrictions can find something to eat here. They have a wide variety of tasty drinks, juices, appetisers, main dishes, and desserts. It’s an upscale take on the food you’d get on the street.

Street Storyss ‘s summer cuisine is out of this world. What follows is our rationale for my recommended new menu items:

1) Kokum Juice: A refreshing summertime alternative to the standard mango and chilli concoction. The kokum is a peculiar but tasty drink that gets its fizz from coke and its kick from a pinch of chilli on the glass’s rim. Each of us had at least two of these beverages.
The second choice is the Coconut blue, which has organic syrup, pineapple juice, and lovely mildness. This beverage is light in colour and in calories.

The winner between Street Food and Street Fashion is Street Stroyss

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2) Citrus Salad : As an appetizer, we suggest the Citrus Salad. In addition to oranges and walnuts, the recipe also calls for puffed rice, rocket leaves, and a few other undisclosed ingredients. All of the components are novel and deserving of a try. High in vitamin A and vitamin C; excellent for maintaining healthy blood sugar and cholesterol.

The winner between Street Food and Street Fashion is Street Stroyss3) Dahi Khakhra Chaat:  Everyone loves chaats, so why not try the Dhahi Khakhra Chaat? Meanwhile, we’re sick of hearing the same chaat story over and over again. The courageous Street Stroyss are here. Today’s chaat features a number of trendy components like khakhra, fryums, yoghurt mousse, tamarind chutney, and a few other closely guarded secrets.This meal is perfect for recovering lost fluids.

4) Bangkok Stir Fry: The next dish was the Bangkok Stir-Fry, which looked like cottage cheese but tasted like mushrooms and had the consistency of tofu. Despite our best efforts, we were unable to determine what was in the dish. The eggplant used in Bangkok stir fry is cured in a unique way that gives it a flavour unlike that of regular eggplant. It’s special and perfect for kids. I was mistaken about aubergine, and I think you will be too if you give it a shot.

5) Chilli Cheese Wontons : Wontons are given a crispy makeover, the Crispy Chilli Cheese Wonton. The best part about this dish is that it stays crisp even after being in the fridge for an hour. The delightfully moist cheese inside makes this a potential all-time favourite. This treat is likely to be a hit with the young ones. Because of its high calcium content, it is ideal for fostering strong bones.

The winner between Street Food and Street Fashion is Street Stroyss

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6) The Corn Cake: This looked like tofu, even after being cut up, but it wasn’t. This deceptive meal takes a long time to prepare; the corn is mashed, mashed, mashed, until it resembles a panner spread. You won’t be able to tell if the delicious flavour comes from corns or not. It’s served with a spicy dipping sauce, and I bet you can’t eat the whole plate by yourself. This dish is high in antioxidants and good for your digestive system.

7) Beetroot Dimsum: We really put all of our love into the dimsums. This is a nutritious choice that appeals to youngsters, adults, and teenagers alike thanks to the inclusion of beetroot. Flavorful and healthy, this colourful appetiser is also good for your blood pressure, digestion, brain, and diabetes. This alternative preparation is a nutritious choice at Street Storyss .

The winner between Street Food and Street Fashion is Street Stroyss8) Pumpkin Ghee Pudi Scallion Paratha : Oh my goodness, pumpkin ghee pudi scallion paratha. For me, this is the most important thing. After trying this, I was hooked and wanted to consume pumpkin on a daily basis. The pumpkin in this main dish gets the ghee pudi treatment and pairs wonderfully with the spicy scallion paratha. In all candour, I have no time constraints for trying this out. You can never go wrong with this combination because pumpkin is good for your health in so many ways.

9) Mushroom fried bun : We all have our favourite spot for burgers and buns, but what about the healthiest option? The organic, delectable buns used in Street Storyss ‘ Mushroom bun fry are grown and prepared in the kitchen. The secret sauces in the mushroom stuffing make it irresistible. Mushrooms’ cancer-fighting properties, ability to boost the immune system, high fibre content, protein content, and antioxidant capacity all contribute to a healthy body.

The winner between Street Food and Street Fashion is Street Stroyss10) Jackfruit Biryani :  Is a vegetarian take on the traditional Awadhi biryani of Lucknow. Lucknowi biryani has been a part of my life since I was a kid, and the familiar aroma was present when I ate it for the first time as an adult. The jackfruit was prepared in the same manner as nihari and simmered for more than 8 hours; the resulting meal was fantastic. This biryani served at Street Storyss will satisfy all of your non-vegetarian cravings on days when you’re eating vegetarian. Jackfruit is a vital part of a healthy diet since it helps prevent bone loss.

The winner between Street Food and Street Fashion is Street Stroyss

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11) Dark chocolate mousse:  Which is delicious whether you prefer milk or dark chocolate. The orange juice and chocolate are whisked together until fluffy. When you put it in your mouth, the flavours combine and transport you to a higher plane. Compared to the average ice cream, which has 16 teaspoons of sugar, the amount of sugar in this dessert was little. This is great for people of all ages because it’s full of flavor-enhancing triglycerides, vitamin C, potassium, and heart-healthy fat.

12) Kesar Pista Phirni: An ultimately, the kesar pista phirni was the last item on the summer menu of street storyss. Phirni, a popular dessert in Northern India, is a recipe the Persians brought to us. Rose water and dried fruits add a delicious fragrance to Phirni. It’s good for the stomach, the intestines, and even the common cold. The quality of your sleep is improved, your blood pressure is lowered, and your heart is protected.

The winner between Street Food and Street Fashion is Street Stroyss

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If you’re looking for a taste of Delhi while in Bangalore on a Tuesday, I recommend Kokum drink, Pumpkin Ghee Pudi Scallon partha, Jackfruit Biryani, Dahi Khakra Chaat, and Phirni.

Street Storyss comes highly recommended by Shrishti Jaiswal, Editor in Chief-The Style.World staff due to its innovative menu that enriches street food with healthy options. Mr. Akshay (founder of Street Stroyss) and Ms. Janavi (Marketing Manager of Street Stroyss) guided us throughout and helped in comprehending what the brand represents.

The winner between Street Food and Street Fashion is Street Stroyss

in frame : Mita ( Bodhsara) , Vendana, Gayathri, Sandy, Amrita, Vrushali, Janavi, Chris, Pallavi, Shrishti

Authored by : Shrishti Jaiswal

Special Thanks : Prarthna Vohra,  Janavi and Akshay Luthria

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