The Style Talk With the Founders of Just Shawarma


The Style Talk With the Founders of Just Shawarma (1)

Late nights hunger pangs or intense shawarma cravings! Just Shawarma is a place that has always supported us in satiating our soul with wholesome food. The brand which has established a market for this middle eastern dish has no ordinary story. Just Shawarma is a unique tale of friendship and shared love for starting exquisite food joints. Founded in 2014 by Neelesh, Aayush, Gowtham and Aashish, one of the most famous eatery of Bangalore has made shawarma a household food. The founders came to Bangalore in 2011 to pursue their education. Neelesh and Aashish were pursuing their MBA at Jain College, while Aayush and Gowtham were pursuing BCom at Christ University.

The Style Talk With the Founders of Just Shawarma (1)

TheStyle.World, recently had a brief conversation with the founders of Just Shawarma and here’s a glimpse into what they had to say about their long journey.  

  • How has been your F and B Industry experience? 

When we started Just Shawarma we did not have any experience in the industry. We were freshers and now we are 9 years old in the industry and still going. 

  • How did the concept of starting a chain of shawarma eatery came into your mind? 

It was during the college days that one of us (Aayush) had an idea that led to the birth of Just Shawarma. Shawarma had been our go to meal but we noticed that it is missing from the restaurant servings. Shawarmas were treated as just another item on the menu, not getting the attention they deserved. That’s when Aayush came up with the idea to start an exclusive shawarma brand. 

The beauty of this idea was its simplicity.

  • How do you stay ahead of your peers?

What sets us apart is our unique approach to operations. We have established a centralized kitchen where all our chicken is processed and our Toum Sauce is prepared. This allows us to maintain strict control over the quality of our ingredients and ensure everything is fresh and made with care every single day.

The centralised kitchen operations play a vital role in our success. By having a dedicated facility for food preparation, we can streamline our processes, maintain consistency in taste, and ensure the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness. At our stores, our main focus is on delighting our customers. We believe that the best way to do this is by serving them the most delicious and authentic shawarmas possible. 

  • How does your menu look like? 

Our menu at Just Shawarma is minimal and designed to offer different shawarma varieties. We serve shawarma wraps, plate shawarma (like a Shawarma meal) along with fries and wings. 

  • Which cities are you operating in? 

Bangalore and Mysore 

  • Top 3 important ingredients for shawarma roll? 

Chicken, Toum, and Pita bread 

  • What are the less known facts abouts Shawarma? 

Shawarma means ‘Turning’ in Arabic. The style of chicken fillet being stacked one over the other and being turned in front of the flame is what gives it the name Shawarma. It is a globally renowned food item and has been adapted and customized in various parts of the world. In Mexico, it is known as ‘taco al pastor’, in Greece it is called ‘gyro’ and in London and other parts of Europe it’s calledDoner’. Shawarma was first introduced in Bangalore 20 years back by the Empire Restaurants and was served at INR 20.  

The Style Talk With the Founders of Just Shawarma (1)

  • How healthy is Shawarma? 

Shawarma typically features marinated and grilled chicken, which are excellent sources of lean protein. Protein is essential for muscle growth, repair, and overall health amongst the different snack and fast food alternatives.  

  • What are the core values of your brand?

We believe ethics and values are shaped in the course of an entrepreneurial Journey. When we started Just Shawarma we had no clue about it but eventually we formulated our principles that laid the foundation of navigating the business. 

‘PRIDE’ or Personally Responsible In Delivering Excellence is our ethic where  every individual is responsible for bringing excellence to the table in their line of work. We also believe in “EXCELLENCE is a never ending Dream”. 

  • What are the long term goals of the brand? 

To Grow! It encapsulates our commitment to continuous improvement and expansion as we celebrate our 9-year journey in the F and B industry. Throughout our entrepreneurial path, we have realized that it’s a journey of self-discovery, where decision-making, learning from feedback, and iteration are paramount. This process demands that each member involved in our venture overcomes self-doubt, exhibits resilience, and builds confidence. Reaching this milestone has sparked a renewed energy within our team, fueling our determination to step out boldly and embrace growth opportunities. We are excited to embark on this next chapter, driven by the desire to evolve, thrive, and achieve even greater heights. Together, we will Just Grow. 


  • What are the Vision and Mission of Just Shawarma? 

Our vision has undergone a remarkable evolution since the beginning. In light of the industry’s rapid advancements and shifts in consumer behavior, we have recognized the paramount importance of delivering exceptional Customer Experiences. Our mission is to deliver Memorable Experiences by satisfying diverse customer needs in food with exceptional taste, service and quality. Our Vision is to emerge as the Multi-Brand Food Company by focusing on building a wide range of Food Brands, each catering to different customer needs and wants through innovation, sustainability, and social responsibility.

  • What fuels the brand’s development? 

Our Vision! It encompasses the ability to imagine, conceptualize, and envision possibilities beyond what we are NOW. Vision involves a deeper understanding and insight into what can be achieved or created. Being in a position to have a vision and working to make that vision a reality is exciting. 

  • A tip for budding entrepreneurs.  

In a world filled with distractions and noise, it is crucial to stay true to Yourself. Stay Authentic and Stay Curious. By holding on to your vision, allowing it to grow within you, you add a profound sense of purpose and meaning to your existence. As you continue to evolve and grow, your vision will naturally evolve with you, adapting to new experiences, insights, and aspirations.  All the answers to the outer world lies inside your Inner world. When we turn our attention inward, we gain access to valuable insights that can guide us in navigating the outer world.

The story of one of the biggest Shawarma chain of Bangalore Just Shawarma is an inspiring one. The Style.World is grateful to the founders for sharing their journey with us.

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