The Style Talk With Pilates Queen Namrata Purohit


The Style Talk With Pilates Queen Namrata Purohit (1)

When you meet Namrata Purohit – The Pilates Queen, you won’t fail to notice her deep inclination for fitness and a profound love for Pilates. The celebrity fitness trainer who has made multiple Indian celebrities sweat and been an active part of their fitness journey, recently had a tête-à-tête with us and her infectious energy really inspired us!

Known for revolutionizing the way people practice and perceive Pilates, Namrata’s journey has indeed been an inspiring one where she not only increased awareness about the Pilates but also has become a role model for many to face the challenges with all your heart. She openly advocates for healthy lifestyle and self love and in her journey to do so came up with The Pilates Studio where with a great smile and unparalleled enthusiasm she innovates and customizes Pilates to make the journey to fitness easy for everyone.

In a brief Style Talk with us, Namrata Purohit spoke about her journey, her inspiration to get up everyday and her celebrity connection along with the fuel that runs ‘The Pilates Studio’!

  • In a long journey of fitness, what has inspired you?

My initial inspiration is my father, Mr Samir Purohit. He is also my role model who has literally worked endlessly in the fitness domain. Without caring much about the hurdles, he has always worked on being the fittest version of himself at every stage of his life. Moving forward, my inspiration in today’s time are my clients. Witnessing them getting up and making it to class every single day, putting in the maximum effort in the class really inspire me. I believe inspiration is everywhere, if searched for!

  • Which all celebrities have you trained so far?

When it comes to the Bollywood or the Indian Film Industry, I have been a part of a few celeb’s fitness journey. My all time stars are Sara Ali Khan, Janhvi Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Malaika Arora, Varun Dhawan, Arjun Kapoor, Kangana Ranaut, Rashmika Mandanna to name a few. I’m really grateful that The Pilates Studio has been a part of their fitness journey.

  • How has the journey been ?

I believe it was easy. I have been very lucky and blessed to work with people who are wonderful. I have a great team that supports my cause. My parents have brought me up with a thought that if there’s something difficult, you can either sulk and cry or you can learn from it. Hurdles have been a part of this journey but we’ve jumped over them and learned from it.

  • What is Pilate according to you?

Pilates is a mind and body form of exercise that was started by a man called Joseph Pilates for men. Later, it was transformed for ballet and contemporary dancers. When you do Pilates, you’re going to get the strength of a warrior, but a lean, long, flexible body of a dancer. The best of both worlds together.

The Style Talk With Pilates Queen Namrata Purohit (1)

  • What are the pros and cons of Pilates?

I can’t think of any cons but pros are uncountable. Pilates is a mind and body form of exercise. It’s great for your core. It works on strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, stamina, balance, stability, building lean body mass, and improving mind and body connection. Moreover, it’s an extremely customized fitness program, which assess your body type, your fitness level, your injuries (if any). Pilates can also help prevent injuries and is a phenomenal form of exercise.

  • What is the relationship between injuries and Pilates?

It’s harmonious. It tremendously helps people who have had injuries in a faster recovery. My greatest win is when people come back to tell me how they are pain free now. I’ve had an injury and I started Pilates because of the injury. It was amazing to see how Pilates can help you deal with injury.

  • Is nutrition and Pilate a good combo to make your body fit and fine?

Yes, absolutely! Nutrition, of course, is extremely important because it’s the fuel that goes into your body. It’s very important to eat well, eat right, and eat nutritious food. The combination gives you a lovely and healthy fit.

  • What is the most complicated question you have come across with from your celebrity clients?

When people  ask about doing more crunches as they have event to attend. I wish it was a miracle or worked that way. You can always tone that part of your body but getting it in one day is a piece of magic. It’s important to give yourself time, be realistic with your goals. I don’t know what a complicated question is, but I find it really just amusing. To get your abs you have to work holistically, put it all together with healthy food habits.

  • At times it becomes difficult to be regular to gym or workout at home. How do you inspire people to workout?

To find the fitness regime you enjoy, that’s half way done. When you find something you enjoy, it becomes a lot easier than being stressful. Find a trainer who you connects with you or a workout buddy who accompanies you and motivates you. Because sometimes even if you find a trainer who inspires you, you feel like going back to the studio or the gym.

  • Three things without which you do not leave for your gym.

I always have my water with me. I always have a diary because I love to write. Third thing I would like to say ‘phone’ but I’m terrible with my phone. And I always have nuts and almonds because I’m a very cranky hungry person.

Namrata Purohit is synonymous with fitness. Her everyday routine, her attitude towards fitness and her brave smile to face challenges are a driving force that not only keeps her ahead in the game but also motivates each and every fitness enthusiast to attain a healthy lifestyle. The team of TheStyle.World heartly thanks Ms Namrata to give us some time for a quick catchup at her ‘The Pilates Studio’.

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