The Idol, a controversial HBO drama, has been met with poor viewership and critical acclaim, and here’s why


One of the lowest-rated series on HBO’s lineup, “The Idol” has been receiving negative feedback for its sexually graphic material as well as its backwards plot.
At this year’s Cannes Film Festival, television reviewers were given an exclusive glimpse of HBO’s highly anticipated drama series, “The Idol,” and the reviews are coming in. The response has not been particularly idolising, which is a great disappointment for the show’s creators as well as its actors. A deluge of scathing criticism has been levelled at the series, which boasts a leading part played by the artist The Weekend. As a result, the series has earned a low 9 percent Tomato meter score on Rotten Tomatoes. “The Idol” is being recognized as one of the lowest-rated series that HBO has ever produced due to the controversy that has surrounded its sexually graphic content and backwards plot.
In “The Idol,” The Weekend plays the role of Tedros, a charismatic nightclub owner and cult leader who becomes engaged in a tumultuous relationship with Jocelyn, who is portrayed by Lily-Rose Depp. Jocelyn is a failing pop artist. According to Variety’s coverage from Cannes, the first two episodes of the show received a standing ovation that lasted for a whole five minutes. On the other hand, reviewers have not shown the same level of enthusiasm, and as a result, the series has been reduced to shambles as a result of their harsh criticism.

Rolling Stone contributor David Fear did not hold back in his harsh assessment, characterizing the concert as “nasty, brutish, [feeling] much longer than it is, and way, way worse than you’d have anticipated.” Fear did not hold back in his criticism because he wanted to protect the publication’s reputation. These comments were mirrored by other critics, who criticised the series for being blatantly sexual and for containing elements that some have referred to as “torture porn.” Paste Magazine’s Rory Doherty criticised the substance-through approach of “The Idol,” calling it phoney, unimaginative, and manipulative. Doherty compared the show’s manner to the music business that it claims to criticise.
Jo-Ann Titmarsh of the London Evening Standard noted the profusion of sexual content in the play, stating that it praises “rape culture” and trades in true sexiness for sleaze and pain. She also criticised the show for exchanging genuine sexiness for sleaze and cruelty. Therese Lacson, writing for Collider, found the series to be unexpectedly boring and wondered how it was possible for a programme to be so uninteresting despite having a great deal of sexuality, naturism, and explicitness.

The explicit and contentious character of “The Idol” has generated a stir among critics, who say that it promotes destructive narratives and fails to give any real critique of the entertainment business. These critics argue that “The Idol” fails to offer any serious critique of the entertainment industry. The show was met with a standing ovation at Cannes; yet, the overwhelming majority of critics had unpleasant things to say about it, which has lowered expectations for its broadcast on HBO on June 4.
The issue that has to be asked at this point is whether or not “The Idol” will have its season renewed despite the negative evaluations. Even while negative reviews are never a good indicator, there have been cases in which series with low ratings but strong viewership have been given a second season due to the overwhelming demand for them. Even if it has a terrible score on Rotten Tomatoes, there is still a chance that “The Idol” will become successful if enough people see it and it garners sufficient interest. A member of the series’ cast, Da’Vine Joy Randolph, continues to maintain her optimism that the show will be renewed for a second season despite the unfavourable response it has received.

The contentious series is getting ready to make its premiere on HBO, and viewers will have the last say on whether or not “The Idol” will be able to redeem itself or whether it will fall into obscurity once it does so. The future of “The Idol” is uncertain as a result of the show’s sexually explicit material, its backwards narrative, and the negative reception it has received from critics. eternity will tell if it will weather the storm of criticism and find a place among HBO’s distinguished schedule, or if it will be remembered for all eternity as the most significant gaffe in the annals of television’s long and illustrious history.

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