The Bayroute Voyage: Five years of culinary excellence


The Bayroute Voyage Five years of culinary excellence (3)

Bayroute, the acclaimed Middle Eastern restaurant that has delighted diners with its authentic flavours and innovative cuisine, is proud to announce the launch of its special 5th-anniversary menu. As Bayroute celebrates half a decade of culinary excellence, it invites guests to embark on a remarkable gastronomic journey that showcases the very best of Middle Eastern cuisine. Half a decade ago, in the heart of our vibrant city, Bayroute embarked on a remarkable journey. Today, they stand before you, humbled and elated, celebrating five years of culinary excellence. Their story is one of passion, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of authentic Mediterranean flavours in food and drink from Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, and Persia. Their desserts, their food and their beverages are crafted with authenticity and care unlike any other. 

The 5th-anniversary menu at Bayroute is a testament to the restaurant’s dedication to excellence. 5 years, 5 countries, and 5 outlets in Mumbai will feature on this 5-week menu. It features an array of carefully crafted dishes, each a fusion of traditional Mediterranean flavours with a modern twist. Guests can anticipate a tantalising selection of appetisers, mains, and desserts that reflect the rich and diverse culinary heritage of the Mediterranean. Countries on the menu include but are not limited to Turkey, Greece, Persia, Morocco, and Egypt. 

Shaad Randhawa, Founder of Bayroute, expressed his enthusiasm for this milestone, saying, “Bayroute’s 5th-anniversary menu is not just a celebration; it’s our promise to continue enchanting your taste buds with the very best of Mediterranean cuisine. We promise to keep pushing boundaries, to surprise you with flavours you’ve never experienced before, and to remain committed to authenticity. In these five years, Bayroute has become more than just a restaurant; it’s a testament to the magic of Mediterranean cuisine. Our legacy is built on the foundation of authenticity, creativity, and the love of food.”

Since its inception, Bayroute has been a beacon of Mediterranean culture and cuisine, earning a stellar reputation for its commitment to authenticity and culinary creativity. To commemorate this significant milestone, Bayroute’s culinary team has curated a limited-time anniversary menu that will transport diners to the heart of the Middle East, to Constantinople in Ancient Turkey, to the sands and snow of Persia, to the height of the Greek Empire, to the fortresses and temples for Pharaohs in Egypt, and to the warm, sunny, lanes in Marrakesh, Morocco. 

Indulge in a delicious Turkish Baked Jacket Potato, layered with light, soft, whipped mashed potatoes, buttery, umami steamed peas, with a hint of acidity from a Russian salad, and smoked cheese topped with herby, flavourful labneh and spicy harissa. Or order any lavish, luxurious array of classic mezze platters, with a variety of dips unrivalled in quality, such as hummus, baba ganoush, and tabbouleh. Sweeten your tastebuds with an Egyptian semolina cake with coconut flakes that melt in your mouth, drenched in sweet-and-sour orange and rose syrup, served with a light lemon cream and rich saffron caviar that will delight your palate. Or even a Persian Tulumba, made with fried pastries, soaked in sensational cardamom and saffron syrup, served on a rose petal ganache. Partake in a Greek adventure with a chocolate cheesecake paired with fruit coulis and berry compotes. This dessert is special because you break a white chocolate sphere to get to the cake underneath it. 

The Bayroute Voyage Five years of culinary excellence (4)

Order several delicious cocktails to celebrate 5 years! Karkadeh, the traditional drink of Egypt – a refreshing drink of hibiscus tea infused with sumac & gin with a fruity aftertaste of homemade peach boba, will uplift your spirits. Or indulge in the taste of a Greek summer with Santorini, a colourful concoction of ouzo from Greece, with coconut, strawberry & a hint of banana that will take you to the island of Santorini- a luxurious escapade! Or have something darker, richer, creamier, with Let’s Date, made with smoked medjool dates from Lebanon, shaken with dark rum, apple & a hint of apricot – a repeat date for sure! Or mix it up with Turkish Malt Viski, and the colourful Moroccan Negroni- both made with real coffee!

The anniversary menu will be available exclusively at Bayroute for 5 weeks only, giving patrons the opportunity to savour these exceptional dishes for a limited time. 

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