The Art of Fusion: Fresh Menu of JIA Transforms Asian Dining Into an Epic Affair  


The Art of Fusion JIA's Fresh Menu Transforms Asian Dining Into an Epic Affair   (3)

JIA: The Oriental Kitchen, renowned for its culinary excellence and dedication to delivering an authentic Pan-Asian dining experience, is delighted to unveil its all-new menu, crafted to captivate the senses and tantalise the taste buds of discerning food enthusiasts. Led by dynamic culinary visionaries Neville and Michelle Vazifdar, JIA continues to set new standards in the culinary world by offering a harmonious fusion of Chinese, Japanese, and Thai flavours.

“Our latest menu is a tribute to the rich and dynamic flavours of Asia that we have meticulously curated to create a memorable sensory experience for our guests. We believe that our food goes beyond a simple dining experience and that every bite takes you on a journey of diverse and vibrant flavours”, shared Michelle Vazifdar, co-owner and culinary aficionado with a passion for infusing authenticity into every dish.

The Art of Fusion JIA's Fresh Menu Transforms Asian Dining Into an Epic Affair   (2)

The updated menu at JIA offers a perfect combination of traditional Asian cooking and modern innovation. Each dish strikes a balance between subtlety and intensity, from the delicate Steamed Mushroom Cheung Fun to the bold flavours of the Sichuan Mala Chicken. The sushi selection showcases the artistry of Japanese cuisine, with a variety of textures and tastes such as the tender Hamachi Yellowtail and the bold Spicy Tuna Roll. The main courses are equally rich in flavour, from the tangy Fish in Chili Basil Sauce to the hearty Cantonese Whole Lobster. The vegetarian options, including the Five Treasure Mushroom Rice and the vibrant Thai Red Curry, highlight the abundance of produce and spices in Asia. Finally, end your meal with the decadent Chocolate Pull Me Up Cake or the delicate Honey Noodles, leaving a memorable impression of the dynamic and diverse flavours of Asia.

 “We are excited to introduce our patrons to a brand-new culinary experience that encapsulates the very essence of Asian gastronomy. Our unwavering commitment to excellence is reflected in every dish and we are proud to offer our guests a taste of the unique and diverse flavours that this region has to offer,” commented Neville Vazifdar, co-owner and visionary behind JIA.

 Stop by JIA for an extraordinary gastronomic adventure that transcends boundaries and savour the diverse and vibrant flavours of Asia in every bite!

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