Soft, Puffy, Savoury and Sweet! Sink Your Teeth Into Luscious Berliners at Kaffee Berliner in Bengaluru

Soft, Puffy, Savoury and Sweet! Sink Your Teeth Into Luscious Berliners at Kaffee Berliner in Bengaluru
Tickle your tastebuds with a flavourful dessert experience of soft and puffy Berliners at Kaffee Berliner in Bengaluru. For the uninitiated, Berliner is a traditional German fried doughnut with jam or icing filling. But at Kaffee Berliner, get an innovative twist spoiling you for choice with their fillings. From chocolate and vanilla to meat and veggies, choose the taste of your treat – savoury or sweet. Coupled with an exclusive blend of Liberica coffee, experience a refreshing and delectable confection that would make space for a new favourite on your dessert list! 

It was Chef Ranjitha Yogananda’s passion to bring some unique addition to Bengaluru’s desserts scene that emerged from a small cloud kitchen serving Berliners, which quickly garnered a taste preference in the metropolis. While gauging an exponential demand for it, it was time to expand and dedicate a separate space with a delightful experience like no other.

Chef Ranjitha, a mastermind of precision and creativity in desserts and Chef Pradyumna Harithsa, a flavour wizard, have come together to create these power-packed, fulfilling and delectable treats from their individual culinary prowess. The Berliners infused with the choicest flavours promise to relish your taste buds jump and leave you craving for more. Created with meticulous detail to bring extraordinary taste to each bite, they make your dessert dream come true. Talking more about their preparation, Chef Ranjitha Y & Chef Pradyumna Harithsa said, “We believe what sets us apart is our uncanny ability to make our Berliners fluffier than a cloud and bursting with flavours that tingle your taste receptors. We take our Berliner game seriously and sprinkle a little extra magic to serve our customers an authentic Berliner experience.” 

While Berliners are their talking point, no one refuses a good brewed cup of deliciousness. Kaffee Berliner serves a Liberica blend that is exclusively crafted for them; the coffee is originally from Liberia in Africa and is now grown in Far East Asian countries. Take a sip and munch on the fluffy treat, a mouth-watering combination that oozes just the right flavours to get your heart happy. Also,the concept was to introduce a unique German delicacy to India, offering an entirely new product for the Indian palate. While many home bakers make Berliner pastries, at Kaffee Berliner, we stand out by providing a diverse range of fillings, both sweet and savory. This innovative approach sets us apart and caters to a broader range of tastes said Nischith Kumar, Founder, Ranjitha Food Works Pvt Ltd aka Kaffee Berliner

Soft, Puffy, Savoury and Sweet! Sink Your Teeth Into Luscious Berliners at Kaffee Berliner in Bengaluru

With quality and freshness as their virtuous ingredients, it is no doubt that every treat meets high standards. The team works in small batches with the finest ingredients and also tries experimenting with new flavours to bring only the best to your table. Like magicians working on a trick, they bring our twists on your treats! The best part, they are even willing to seek your recommendations and appraise customer feedback as a guiding light to achieve culinary greatness. 


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Bringing a dash of Berlin’s sweetness infused with tempting local Indian flavours, Kaffee Berliner deserves a visit – for an unforgettable taste and soulful memory of discovering your new favourite in town! 

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