Shah Rukh Khan gift his fans a stunning Eidi from his balcony!


The joyous holiday of Eid has arrived, and, as is customary, Shah Rukh Khan ‘s adoring fans have flocked to the Mumbai home he shares with his wife, Manat, in the hopes of catching a sight of their favourite actor. Fans of Shah Rukh Khan wait for him at the Eid celebration not because it is traditional but because they adore him and want to see him. And when Shah Rukh gestures to his fans from his bungalow to wish them a good Eid, he never fails to melt their hearts.

Shah Rukh Khan gift his fans a stunning Eidi from his balcony!

image from sharukh khans instagram account

It’s business as usual for Shah Rukh today; he’s already at the pinnacle, where all his adoring fans can see him. Shah Rukh was spotted meeting and greeting admirers while dressed to the nines in black jeans, white trainers and sunglasses. The actor addressed the crowd as “namaste” and “salam” and blew kisses in the air to his admirers. His youngest son, AbRam, joined him, and both waved to the crowd.

old image from sharukh khans instagram account

Recently, Shah Rukh, bollywood star explained to his followers why he always celebrates his good mood by going out into his balcony and waving to them. If you’re feeling down, my elders advised, visit those who care about you. Things will go wrong in life for all of us. That’s just how life is, and that’s how it should be. Good days and bad days are inevitable; we’ve all had our share. It’s a huge blessing that so many people care about me. Either when I’m feeling down or up, I head out to my balcony. For all eternity, God has given me a front-row seat on the balcony.
On the professional front, SRK is currently filming ‘Jawan. The film stars Khan with Nayanthara, Sunil Grover, and Sanya Malhotra and was directed by Atlee. In addition, he will be appearing in the film ‘Dunki’ with Taapsee Pannu.

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