Sands Of Time, The New Collection Of Kaveri


Sands Of Time, The New Collection Of Kaveri

This year, Kaveri traverses time and space, calling upon inspiration from the heavenly bodies above;  that cast a mystic spell upon our earth below with mesmerising, textured and fluidic finesse. 

Layered upon graceful linen, pay homage to the likeness of precious stones that lay hidden in the ravines of majestic hills along enigmatic valleys and terrains. 

Mirroring the shades, layers, textures, cuts and finishes of Kaveri’s new collection from the grand iridescence cocooned inside these gemstones, we gave rise to a new world- emboldened using a myriad of new techniques: intricate layering to create depth and intrigue; three-dimensional embroidery to raise the calm, picturesque elements on the fabric; abstract embroidery with satin stitching is interspersed across the garment to give a sense of colour, depth and character; layered organza stencil cut by hand, bunched, shaded, and edged on the garment; a play on subtle shades and shadows by individually hand-dip-dying each piece, and so much more. All crafted from precious strokes of layered emotions on paper into an astounding work of sartorial brilliance.

Celebrating Kaveri’s reverence to the celestial bodies out in the universe, the rustic charm of Mother Nature below and everything in between, we present you with the next chapter in Kaveri’s fashion escapade for Spring/Summer ’23 with Sands of Time.

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