Rongo Holidays To Make Your Vacation Exceptional

Rongo Holidays To Make Your Vacation Exceptional (1)
Embark on a beautiful journey – an attainable dream with lots of significant memories and unique experiences that stay with you forever. Rongo Holidays thrive to make your trips exceptional and value-packed by delivering top-notch customer service. The company firmly believes that the most enriching trips are those which are budget friendly yet designed in such a way that you explore the world in the greatest possible manner and make your journey unforgettable.

At Rongo Holidays

  • The team takes time to understand you. They listen to you. From your starting conversation, the dedicated specialist who creates your trip tries to get to know you and understand your inspiration to travel.
Rongo Holidays To Make Your Vacation Exceptional (1)
  • Rongo Holidays find experiences to match your passions. If you have a particular passion, they find ways for you to explore it. Their specialists bring all their ideas together and draw from their own deep knowledge to choose the experience you’re seeking.
  • They create customized trip for you. Everything you tell them, becomes the inspiration behind the trip.
  • Rongo Holidays finesse down the finest details. They don’t stop adding dimensions to your trip until you say it’s just right.
Rongo Holidays To Make Your Vacation Exceptional (1)
  • They help you prepare as your trip gets closer. Rongo Holidays is passionate about the destinations. As you anticipate your journey, the specialists of the company reach out to you to provide most up to date advice.
Rongo Holidays To Make Your Vacation Exceptional (1)

In Frame: Karthikeyan Narayanaswami

Rongo Holidays has been started by Karthikeyan Narayanaswami in the year 2016. Karthikeyan, a passionate travel enthusiast, founded Rongo Holidays with the aim of offering trips at an affordable range, setting it different from other existing travel companies. The name ‘Rongo’ was inspired by the Morris Language, which signifies an ongoing flight, that represents endless trips and exploration. Before establishing Rongo Holidays, he embarked on his journey to multiple countries and drew inspiration from his experiences. Following his success, Karthikeyan expanded his company by opening branches in Bali and Malaysia in 2019. Later, in association with the country agents, he extended his business to Dubai, Vietnam, Maldives, Japan, and South Korea. He envisions future expansions of Rongo Holidays to the USA, Europe and Australia.

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