Regal Flavours Awaits at Indian Durbar, Conrad Bengaluru – A Tribute to India’s Nine Culinary Empires


Regal Flavours Awaits at Indian Durbar, Conrad Bengaluru – A Tribute to India's Nine Culinary Empires

Rediscover India’s rich culinary heritage with cuisines inspired by 9 Indian empires at Indian Durbar, Conrad Bengaluru, elevated by the expertise of the royal Khansamas, with delicacies crafted by Master Chef Gulam Nabi Qureshi and his son Chef Husban Nabi Qureshi. The menu is inspired by nine distinct empires in India, all of which are known for their time-tested cooking techniques and recipes passed down through generations.

The team of TheStyle.World visited the premises and enjoyed the delectable food. As rooted was the offerings, so were the chefs who took the time out from their busy schedule and gave us a glimpse of what Indian Durbar exposes us to. Take a look at this exclusive The Style Talk where Prasad Metrani, Director of Culinary and Chef Husban Nabi Qureshi share their expertise and insight into the industry.

A few notable highlights definitely worth relishing include – Galouti Kabab – goat/lamb minced to a paste, which is further balanced with a secret blend of spices and cooked on griddle, Nalli Nihari – slow-cooked stew with bone-in mutton pieces. The marrow leaves the bones and is mixed with the gravy, giving the stew a rich flavour, Purane Chowk ka Ghutwa Khumb – delicate kebabs made of minced mushroom, Lagan ka Murgh – chicken slow cooked in cashew and poppy seeds gravy and Awadhi Gosht Biryani – cooked dum style, the meat and rice are layered together cooked in rich flavourful ingredients.

Chef Prasad Metrani, Director of Culinary further adds “Indian cooking is a treasure trove of fresh ingredients and flavourful grandeur. The Indian Durbar is known for the most delectable Indian delicacies from the royal Mughlai and Awadhi kitchen. The intricate gold-leafed jail work, unmatched royal ambience and the exquisite feast curated by Chef Qureshi is sure to transport you to a world of royal indulgence.”

Speaking on the new menu launch, Chef Qureshi shares “Menu at Indian Durbar has been curated with a keen sense of understanding of the complexities involved in Indian cooking. From the finest ingredients to recipes that behold the tales of yesteryears, the menu at Indian Durbar offers the best of Indian royal kitchen”.

Make your way to Indian Durbar, offering a perfect mix of regal and mouth-watering delicacies inspired by nine very diverse and culturally rich regions. The best of flavours and regal recipes specially curated by the team only at Conrad Bengaluru.

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