Raise A Toast This Friendship Day At Quirky Cafes And Wineries Abroad


Raise A Toast This Friendship Day At Quirky Cafes And Wineries Abroad

This Friendship Day do away with the basics and embrace new ways to celebrate. Try a special iced coffee in Thailand, hop through Japan’s unique theme cafes or sip tea in the iconic hotels of St. Moritz.

Here are some of the most unique spots and drinks they serve around the world:

Savour Thailand’s Special Iced Coffee

Thailand is dotted with quirky garden-themed eateries, pet-themed cafes, and retro-style diners with pulsating ambience – just what you need for a cafe hopping adventure, including the Lalitta Cafe in Chiang Rai, Bubble in the Forest in Bangkok, Versailles de Flore in Chiang Mai, Ma Doo Bua Café in Phuket, and Mong Chang Cafe in Pattaya.

Don’t miss out on trying Oliang, a Thai iced coffee. This popular beverage is made from a blend of Robusta coffee grounds, condensed milk, various grains, and seeds including cardamom, corn, and sesame seeds. For a more exotic experience, you can visit the RG420 cannabis cafe in Khao San.

Visit Phuket’s Chalong Bay Rum Distillery to try their 100 per cent natural rum crafted using the highest quality sugarcane. They also offer a guided tour of the distillery with an interactive cocktail-making workshop. The rum can be quaffed while relishing the delectable cuisine prepared by a Michelin chef. Savour the popular Chalong Bay Mojito while on the tour.

Raise A Toast This Friendship Day At Quirky Cafes And Wineries Abroad

Say Hai to Japan’s Vividly Themed Cafés

Known for its captivating culture and unique experiences, Japan is replete with the most adorable to the most bizarre cafes. Anime enthusiasts can spend a day visiting Pokemon Cafe, Straw Hat Cafe, Ufotable Cafe, Totoro Cafe and Bakery, or Animate Cafe Ikebukuro. For an unconventional experience, places like Maidreamin Cafe, Vampire Cafe, and Harry the Hedgehog Cafe are perfect. There are also unique animal and bird themed cafés, like Tokyo Snake Centre in Shibuya City and Alpaca Cafe, Cafe Calico, Asakusa Nekoen, Temari no Ouchi, and Neko no Mise, Fukuro no Mise, and Owl Cafe Akiba Fukurou. For nature lovers, Aoyama Flower Market Tea House is a charming and affordable establishment filled with vibrant flowers.

Japan’s speciality, the Sumiyaki Coffee is a must-try. Unlike conventional coffee beans, Sumiyaki Coffee is roasted with sumi (charcoal) which gives the coffee beans a smoky yet balanced aroma and enhances their flavour profile as well as shelf-life.

Raise A Toast This Friendship Day At Quirky Cafes And Wineries Abroad

Try Qatar’s Special Ice Gahwa

Coffee enthusiasts can sample everything from gahwa to lattes to cortado as they travel the world through Qatar’s cafes. The Msheireb Downtown Quarter in the heart of Doha’s cultural district is home to many excellent coffee shops, including Rusk Artisanal Bakery, Arabica, and The Ministry of Coffee in its gorgeous Barahat Msheireb town square. Travellers can grab a cup of their favourite speciality coffee, stroll about admiring the architecture, and then stop by the four historic homes that house the Msheireb Museums.

Kava Koffee in Katara Cultural Village offers specialised blends that make for an ideal pick-me-up while taking a leisurely stroll through the art galleries, stores, and exhibition spaces. The iced gahwa available at the Duhail Sports Club near Qatar University offers a modern twist on the traditional gahwa.

Raise A Toast This Friendship Day At Quirky Cafes And Wineries Abroad

Sip Tea like a Royal in St. Moritz

In the luxurious ski resort of St. Moritz in Switzerland, people love teatime just as much as the British do. This alpine haven takes great pride in its appreciation for fine teas, whether enjoyed in the opulent hotel lobbies, cosy tea rooms, or coffee houses. The grand hotels in St. Moritz like the majestic Kulm Hotel, or the Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains open their exquisite lobbies to the public for most hours of the day. They are the perfect place to have sophisticated afternoon tea in elegant surroundings and are known to serve freshly brewed teas and snacks.

For a royal tea affair, visit the timeless lobby of Badrutt’s Palace, known as Le Grand Hall. Sink into an antique armchair to enjoy a cup of tea, savouring the sweet idleness while sampling a selection of delicacies from the in-house patisserie. The menu presents 28 different types of tea from around the world, inviting you to sit back, relax, and embark on an unforgettable journey for your taste buds.

Raise A Toast This Friendship Day At Quirky Cafes And Wineries Abroad

Soak at Cafés with a view in Seychelles

Each of the popular islands of Seychelles offers distinct cafe experiences. Cafes in Mahé showcase a lively atmosphere, while cafes in La Digue embody the tranquil Seychellois way of life.

Along Anse Volbert’s beach in Praslin, Cafe des Arts sprawls with rustic wooden cabanas sitting on the sandbank, providing an ideal setting for private and intimate dining. Just minutes away from the bustling capital of Victoria, Wildflour Cafe is another beloved destination for both tourists and locals. With a strong emphasis on wholesome cooking and the use of fresh, locally sourced ingredients, the cafe has a cosy outdoor ambience with a green aesthetic. The café also boasts a bat-viewing station, adding an element of intrigue.

The Takamaka Rum Distillery tour is an immersive experience for all rum lovers. The tour culminates in a tasting session at the Rum Shack, with a diverse range of Takamaka rums, accompanied by delicious snacks. This tour leaves a lasting appreciation for the artistry involved and a desire to bring home a piece of this liquid treasure.

Perfect destinations to celebrate friendship day!

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