Puffizza is the Puff Pizza food fest at Roxie recommended by The Style.World


Roxie, the renowned restaurant in Bangalore, is delighted to announce its upcoming Puffizza festival. The food fest pays homage to the evolution of puff pastry in India and how it has transformed into a versatile snack with experimental fillings. Starting on June 15th, Roxie invites food enthusiasts on a gastronomic journey that traces the origins and evolution of puff pastry in Indian snacks.

Puffizza is the the new Puff Pizza food fest available at RoxieAt “Puffizza,” Roxie will showcase a selection of unique puff pastry creations that highlight the fusion of flavours and culinary heritage such as The Portugese Affair, Nahoum’s Paneer Puff, Landour’s Paneer Tikka Puff, Calicut Motta Puff, Chicken Chettinad Puff, Mrs. Miggins’ Chicken Tikka Puff, Club Curried Chicken Puff, Iranian Mutton Puff.

Starting at INR 450, The “Puffizza” festival at Roxie is a month-long celebration of these eight culinary adventures, each representing a unique blend of nostalgia, gastronomy, and the harmonious fusion of cultures. Savour the flavours and experiences at Roxie, where every bite tells a story.

When: 15th June onwards

Where: Roxie

Cost: 450 Rupees, onwards

Contact number: +917406275551


The Style.World does recommend you to try Puffizza at Roxie !

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