New Menus To Try Out This August 2023


This August be prepared to try try out new menus at your favourite cafes. Bringing the best of this season, your favourite hangout place is getting you scrumptious and delectable food offerings which you cannot say ‘No’ to. Check out these places:

  • Toast & Tonic, Bengaluru
Toast & Tonic, Bengaluru’s pioneering gin and tonic bar celebrated for its dedication to local sourcing and sustainability, introduces the Son of a Bun, Burger Menu curated by Chef Chirag Makwana.
The Toast & Tonic Burger Menu showcases a range of distinctive choices that guide diners through India’s diverse flavors. From the Young Jackfruit Burger, a vegetarian sensation akin to pulled pork, to the Khasi Pork Burger, inspired by Chef Chirag’s Shillong travels, each burger embodies local ingredients and homemade techniques.The Young Jackfruit Burger combines pulled jackfruit in soft bajra buns, accompanied by pickled Bhavnagri chillies and local Manchego cheese. The Khasi Pork Burger, with black sesame paste, bamboo shoots, and Naga chilli aioli, offers harmonious fusion.
The Chicken Burger presents a crispy rice flake-coated patty infused with spices, served on a ragi bun with sriracha aioli and peppery rocket. Seafood lovers relish the Soft Shell Crab Burger, featuring Bhimavaram-sourced crab, Ishka farms capers, and sweet potato fries.Fish enthusiasts delight in the Bhetki Burger, marinated kasundi mustard Bhetki fish on a herbed bun with curry mayo, star fruit, and banana chips. The Lamb Burger combines harissa-spiced lamb, balsamic onions, sesame garlic spread, and Egyptian dukkah spiced potato wedges.
Chef Chirag Makwana’s menu brilliantly highlights Indian ingredients and flavors, echoing freshness and sustainability. Toast & Tonic’s Burger Menu promises to enthrall taste buds, creating excitement among food aficionados.
New Menus To Try Out This August 2023
  • Cafe Panama, Lower Parel

Cafe Panama in Lower Parel offers an urban oasis with a tropical vibe, amidst the city buzz. Recently, they expanded their menu to feature delectable additions from Latin American cuisine along with innovative cocktails. Drawing inspiration from diverse Latin American regions, the new menu provides a unique culinary journey for visitors. By deconstructing familiar items, the dishes integrate seamlessly with the vibrant Latin culture. The Tequila Lounge also introduces novel cocktails, crafting an unparalleled mixology haven.
Cafe Panama harmonizes global and local flavors, creating a cozy ambiance within its rustic interiors. Their extensive food selection, ranging from Salads and Tacos to Burrito Bowls and Burgers, might make decisions challenging. For a taste of the new offerings, explore dishes like the Pork Belly, Penne Gochujang—an Italian-Korean fusion pasta—and Loaded Totopos, a toasted Mexican corn tortilla staple. The 12-hour marinated Hickory-smoked Jerk Chicken adds an extra layer of flavor to each bite. Interaction is encouraged through dishes like Gambas Pil Pil—grilled prawns flambéd with Vodka, served with scallion, paprika, and tomato sauce. Avocado enthusiasts can enjoy customizable Guacamole Tableside, adjusting spice levels to preference. Complementing the cuisine, Café Panama’s mixology team presents inventive cocktails that complement the new menu. Alongside their curated Latin wine selection, Tequila and Mezcal-based cocktails like Don Pablo, Maracuya, and Coco Jengi offer a diverse range of flavors. To conclude, savor a Smoked Belgian Chocolate Cigar—a Bourbon and Bitter Chocolate creation served with Vanilla ice cream, Wild berries, and Oat Almond Crumble.

New Menus To Try Out This August 2023

  • Cafe 49, Juhu
Cafe 49 in Juhu is the ultimate cozy hangout, renowned for its inviting ambience, delightful menu, and friendly vibe. This charming spot is perfect for heart-to-heart chats and joyous moments, whether with old pals or new companions. The fresh menu is a standout, presenting a wide range of dishes from Soups to Sharing meals, designed to excite your taste buds and satisfy every culinary craving.
Highlighted must-tries from the new selection include the Peri Peri Cottage Cheese Croquettes, Harissa Tofu Popcorn, and Spinach Cheese Cigars. The Chipotle Tacos and Cottage Cheese Tacos offer a fusion of Mexican flavors that elevate your palate. For those seeking classics, Cafe 49 offers beloved go-to options, including shareable Nachos, crispy crostini, fries, and delightful cheeseballs to satiate snack desires. The cafe introduces an array of delectable salads and bowls. Noteworthy choices encompass the Avocado and Quinoa Salad, a refreshing blend of nourishing elements, and the Mexican Layered Bowl, brimming with lively tastes and zesty spices. Enjoy delectable starters and mouthwatering mains, accompanied by top-notch coffee blends that rejuvenate your senses and sustain your energy. Cafe 49 is where cherished memories are crafted, leaving you with a contented smile.
New Menus To Try Out This August 2023
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