Nailbox – A Pioneering Journey Of Elegance And Progress 


Nail box A Pioneering Journey Of Elegance And Progress 

Located in the glorious city of Bangalore with its many beauty salons, Nailbox has left an indelible mark on the evolution of contemporary nails and dry bar. Launched in 2018, Nailbox witnessed unprecedented growth as they expanded with 4 branches in Bangalore in all prime locations such as Indiranagar, Bel Road, Jayanagar & HSR Layout. The team has grown from a number of 3 to an impressive number of over 100 employees and continues to grow. Nailbox aims to elaborate themselves as a national brand and is looking to expand into other states too. Created by the brilliant minds of Sneha Bhagwat and Jovine John, Nailbox has smoothly grown into a multi-organizational phenomenon. 

From the outset, Nailbox was designed with the high aspiration to offer an unrivalled blend of luxury and artistic delicacy. This commitment to creativity laid the foundation for the company’s spectacular rise in the highly competitive beauty market. The brand’s relentless commitment to sophistication is evident in the mesmerising nail art and the luxurious experience, clearly positioning as the top in the timeless world. Nailbox has shown unwavering courage in the face of unprecedented challenges revealed by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The visionary founders Sneha Bhagwat and Jovine John took the well-being of the team so seriously that they not only funded it, they also provided a haven of support. This unique approach has not only created loyalty and confidence, but also solidified Nailbox’s foundation. Nailbox’s resonance goes beyond mere commercial transactions, and is at the centre of the local community, as evidenced by its active participation in flea markets and local festivals, and the establishment of an academy dedicated to training aspiring nail technicians extends up to by strengthening its own team. Nailbox fosters a collective boom and ensures the growth of the industry as a whole through knowledge dissemination. Acquisition of technology is a defining feature of Nailbox’s journey.

The visionary brand has embraced ground-breaking solutions to elevate the customer experience to unprecedented levels through its seamless digital booking interface and undemanding customer relationship management system. This harmonious fusion of technologies greatly contributes to the brand’s operational efficiency and customer convenience, and is the foundation of its winning streak. 

Looking to the horizon, Nailbox is poised for expansion across India. Their vision, embodied by a commitment to responsible behaviour, transcends geographic boundaries. With plans for franchising and geographic diversification, Nailbox aims to become the epitome of luxury on a national scale. At the height of its expansion, Nailbox maintains an unwavering loyalty to good practices. The harmony between attractiveness and sustainability is evident through the use of environmentally friendly products and the consistent avoidance of single-use plastics. 


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The brand Nailbox aims to have a national presence and expects an increased digital response. It aims to make Nailbox’s impressive growth story resonate with a wider audience and seamlessly captivates the blend of luxury and technology. 

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