Mrs Asia India: Beauty Queens All The Way

Mrs Asia India: Beauty Queens All The Way
As the National Director of India for Mrs Asia India 2023, I had the privilege of selecting Sangeeta Roychaudhuri (Bangalore) and Aparna Malhotra (Delhi) to represent our country in the United Kingdom who have been unanimously crowned as the Winner and First Runners Up of Mrs Asia India 2023 in London on 26 May 2023 . Seema V Shetty (Bangalore) won three gold Subtitles including Mrs Elegance, Mrs Fitness, and Best Catwalk .
As their Mentor and Guide, when I approached them to be a part if this platform I knew I was talking to future Queen. With the right guidance and attitude they swept everyone off their feet by winning 2 grand tittles and 9 subtitles in all at this prestigious Beauty Pageant including Sangeeta winning Mrs Intellectual and Mrs Community Queen and Aparna winning the prestigious Mrs Congeniality.
As their Beauty Pageant Mentor and theNation Director for Mrs Asia India, I am extremely proud of their success wherein they have represented our country on an international platform with such grace and aplomb.
By: Bia Sandhu

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