Mr Jerry’s India’s First Ready-To-Serve Cocktail In A Bottle – Perfect For Father’s Day!


Mr Jerry's India’s First Ready-To-Serve Cocktail In A Bottle – Perfect For Father's Day!

This Father’s Day, treat your dad to a truly exceptional experience with Mr Jerry’s, India’s First Ready-to-Serve Cocktail in a Bottle! Show your appreciation for all the amazing things he does by giving him the joy of delicious cocktails without the fuss.

With Mr Jerry’s, your dad can now indulge in his favorite cocktails with ease and convenience. Whether he prefers a classic Old Fashioned, or a sophisticated Negroni, Mr Jerry’s offers a range of flavors to cater to his taste buds. Each cocktail is expertly crafted using high-quality spirits and meticulously selected ingredients, ensuring an extraordinary taste experience.

Surprise your dad with the ultimate gift of relaxation and sophistication. Mr Jerry’s takes away the need for complicated mixing or measuring, allowing him to unwind and enjoy his special day to the fullest. It’s as simple as opening a bottle, pouring over ice, and savoring the moment.

This first edition of the range consists of 6 intricately mixed cocktails that have something for every palate. They come in 500 ml bottles which make approximately 5 drinks each. They come in 100ml single serve bottles for consumers to try out the cocktails. The cocktails that can be enjoyed are:

  • Jerry’s Long Island Ice Tea – The Long island iced tea combines Gin, Vodka, Rum, Agave Spirit and homemade orange liqueur. A heady and strong concoction it is recommended to add 100 mls of the Jerry’s LIIT cocktail mix into a tall glass with ice and top it up with 150 mls of cola, a squeeze of a fresh lime wedge to finish it off. Another variation involves replacing the cola with Ginger ale making it spicy and refreshing. 

Tasting notes – Refreshing, fresh and strong with a touch of zestiness from limes.

  • The Jerry’s Old Fashioned – Simple elegant and super tasty Old Fashioned, a drink that is considered the grandfather of cocktails with over 200 years of history. At Jerry’s we endeavoured to make it with a scotch whisky twist, keeping authentic to the recipe. The honeyed notes from the whisky is enhanced by the addition of honey, sugar and aromatic bitters which give it depth and complexity. For the Mr Jerry’s Old Fashioned we recommend adding between 70-90 ml into an old fashioned or whisky glass with loads of ice and stir well. A garnish of an orange slice makes it a brilliant drink to savour. 

Tasting notes – Strong bold and aromatic with a well-rounded spirit forward robustness from the whisky.

  • Jerry’s Espresso Martini – This one is a lot of fun, coffee, vanilla and vodka what’s not to like. We use a strong espresso strength cold brew and blend it with vanilla syrup and vodka and a touch of grated nutmeg. This drink is sweet but silky smooth and goes down very easy. We recommend shaking 100 ml of the mix with lots of ice and straining it into a martini glass or just add it to hot coffee during winters.

Tasting notes – A sweet style cocktail best enjoyed post dinner, intense coffee bitterness rounded by the vanilla and nutmeg. Super smooth.

  • Trader Jerry’s Mai TaiOut of this world’ is what the name of the cocktail means and indeed it is. Escape to a nice tropical beach somewhere in the world at any time of the day with our take on the Mai Tai, a blend of gold rum, white rum and spiced rum, mixed with pomegranate molasses, orgeat or almond syrup and citrus cordial. Sweet sour goodness with complex flavours from the rums is best enjoyed by pouring 100 ml of the mix over crushed ice or simply pour over ice cubes and garnish with a pineapple or a flower if you please. 

Tasting notes – Fruity, fresh, spicy but extremely enjoyable as its always more fun with rum

  • Cucumber & Elderflower fizz Mr Jerry’s runaway success with this cocktail is easy to understand. It’s got GIN, with fresh cucumber, lime and elderflower so expect tons of floral and citrusy goodness here. To make the perfect daytime refresher we suggest adding 100 ml into a tall glass with lots of ice and topping up with either soda or tonic water. Be experimental with the tonic waters available near you. Add cucumber slices to be fancy. 

Tasting notes – Floral and zesty with a touch of freshness from the cucumber

  • Limited Edition Jerry’s Midday Negroni – An Italian favourite that has become one of the most sought after cocktails in bars around the world specially since its made with gin. Spirit forward, punchy and flavourful. An elegant example of how sweet and bitter flavours from the Gin, aromatic wines and bitter orange notes combine to make a cocktail to be savoured on the rocks. Pour 75 mls of Mr Jerry’s Negroni into a glass full of ice, stir well to chill and garnish with an orange slice. 

Tasting notes – Robust, bitter with botanical depth a burst of juniper and orange


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