Make Christmas memorable for your furry friends


Make Christmas memorable for your furry friends (2)Make Christmas memorable for your furry friends (1)

While you plan elaborate meals and indulge in sumptuous feasts this Christmas, Harley’s Corner is here to ensure your pets have a jolly time too!

The brand has introduced India’s first range of pour over sauces for your canines made using the most delicious of animal proteins and vegetables. These can be the perfect topping to add a scrumptious touch to any meal and is especially handy when travelling.

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Available in four delicious varieties: Chicken Sauce, Liver Dip, Mutton Sauce, and Veggie Delight. Each sauce is thoughtfully curated to complement your furry friend’s diet with both taste and nutrition, for a tail wagging experience this holiday season.

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So make it a celebration for everyone by bringing home these luscious flavor bombs and watch your pet revel in a burst of delicious happiness!

Price: 520 Onwards

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