July Launches By Makeup Studio


July Launches By Makeup Studio

Makeup Studio, the trusted and renowned beauty brand, is thrilled to unveil its latest collection of beauty products that are set to revolutionize the industry. Designed to enhance natural beauty and keep you on-trend, this new collection embodies the brand’s commitment to delivering exceptional quality and innovation. With a range of products from pre base to mascara, that cater to diverse skin tones and preferences, Makeup Studio is your go-to brand for achieving flawless and stunning looks.

  • Makeup Studio Pre Base

The Pre Base is a transparent moisturizer with extra Vitamin B and UV-B protection. It takes cares of, protects and prepares the skin for the foundation, resulting in an even application and extra durability.

July Launches By Makeup Studio

  • Makeup Studio Fluid Foundation No Transfer

The No Transfer Fluid Foundation is a transfer proof foundation that creates a velvety natural finish. The formula delivers long-wearing, light to medium coverage yet feels weightless and look natural, without caking or masking the skin’s natural radiance. Thanks to its exceptional bendability, the formula smooths the skin for an incredible soft-focus effect. The formula is ultra-buildable. Once the foundation adheres to the skin, the ‘no transfer’ kicks in. No powder is needed because of the no transfer effect. Available in shades. This must have foundation is noncomedogenic and suitable for dry, normal, combination or oily skin types. This foundation has been used by many pro make-up artists for photography purposes. There’s no flashback or oxidization.

July Launches By Makeup Studio (3)

  • Makeup Studio Translucent Powder Extra Fine

Translucent Powder Extra Fine is a loose, transparent, finely ground powder. Apply the superfine powder to the skin after using foundation or concealer. The powder is ideal for mattifying the skin and fixing the make-up. Matting ensures that the skin does not shine too much and by fixing it your foundation will stay in place during the day. The lightly tinted powder has a long-lasting and silky effect. Also suitable for under your eyes or on the T-zone to highlight it subtly.

July Launches By Makeup Studio (3)

  • Makeup Studio Blusher in Box

Add color to your face with one of these beautiful matte Blushes! Easy to apply and with such a large color choice there is a match for everyone! A foundation draws all the color out of your cheeks, using a Blusher is ideal. Our Blushers give a beautiful natural result. A nicely applied blusher does wonders! The luxury mono packaging makes it more worth it.

  • Makeup Studio Mascara Water 3D Extra Black

The Waterproof 3D Extra Black mascara is designed to give your lashes a stunning effect with its volumizing and lengthening properties, as well as its deep black color. It is waterproof, making it suitable for various occasions such as festivals, pool parties, nights out, and special events. The mascara also helps to keep your lashes soft and nourished.

July Launches By Makeup Studio

  • Makeup Studio Paint Gloss

The Paint Gloss completes your Glam look. This gloss has an unparalleled colour intensity, is 100% opaque with a beautiful glossy finish. The Paint Gloss comes in beautiful colours and therefore something for everyone.

Makeup Studio Amsterdam was founded in Amsterdam in the 1980s by one of the first makeup artists in the world. Make-Up Studio Amsterdam is not just about high-quality products, but the brand’s mission is to really encourage you to explore and use makeup in many different ways. Make-Up Studio Amsterdam is about exploring, discovering, and creating.

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