International Chefs Day Featuring Executive Chef G SomaSundaram 

International Chefs Day Featuring Executive Chef G SomaSundaram 

In Frame: Chef G SomaSundaram – Executive Chef, Renaissance Bengaluru Race Course Hotel

It’s International Chefs Day and we want to heartily thank all the culinary artists across the world. You ask why? Well, without them, how would we have known about scrumptious breads, tantalising gravies and sauces, umami of Japan, spiciness of India, and the taste of the world. Their love to serve the best, experiment with the traditional flavours and curate something innovative has not only connected the world but has given us a way to satiate our soul with great food.  G SomaSundaram, the Executive Chef at Renaissance Bengaluru Race Course Hotel, belongs to the same clan. The great chef is actively spearheading the kitchen department to ensure smooth operations in terms of designing innovative menus, maintaining customer satisfaction, and monitoring the culinary team while maintaining the Renaissance brand quality. 

Chef SomaSundaram oversees the culinary operations at the hotel’s various dining outlets. His menu creations showcase his mastery of Indian cuisines, as well as his commitment to using fresh, local ingredients. Bringing over 20 years of culinary experience to the table, he has worked in various hotels and restaurants across India and Singapore, showcasing his creativity with enthusiasm. 

Throughout his career, Chef SomaSundaram has held multiple positions including Head Chef at Shikar pre-opening, Maxwell Reserve, and Autograph Collection Singapore before moving to Renaissance Bengaluru Race Course Hotel. 

Known for his commitment to delivering exceptional culinary experiences, Chef SomaSundaram also has a keen interest in travelling to various places, exploring local cuisine and persevering the lost recipes. A true family man, he also is an advocate of a healthy lifestyle.

Talking about maintaining a lifestyle that aids both his health and creativity, he says,Maintaining a healthy lifestyle as a chef in a hotel demands meticulous planning and unwavering discipline. I prioritise a balanced diet with a variety of whole foods, stay hydrated, and be mindful of portion control and excessive taste testing. I consistently stock healthy snacks to curb my hunger and incorporate regular exercise and stress management techniques into my daily regimen.” 

As a visionary, who has paved a pathway for himself in the culinary industry, Chef SomaSundaram believes in fostering  a supportive network among colleagues to collectively pursue health goals and prepare nutritious meals. Adding to that, he joyfully tells, “Striking this balance between my culinary career and health is crucial to sustaining my well-being and creativity in the kitchen. Prioritising adequate sleep, paying attention to alcohol consumption, and establishing a clear work-life balance is a must.”

Chef SomaSundaram is not only a culinary artist but a man who projects his creativity and implements technical and organisational skills with enthusiasm and commitment. His commitment toward the culinary art is not momentary but a lifelong commitment that makes us show our special gratitude on this International Chefs Day.

Author: Arshiya Gauhar

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