How to stay stress free at work? Our achievable New Year resolutions!


How to stay stress free at work Our achievable New Year resolutions! (12)

Hey all! The new year i.e., 2024 is around the corner and many of us are prepared to take up new resolutions to build new habits in the upcoming year. This is the time when we can clear our slate, give up on our previous issues and start afresh with new year resolutions.

So, what’s your resolution this time? Unlike other years, don’t go for something that is not achievable but opt for those stuff that makes you happy!

Every day, we face a lot range of issues. How often do we become unhappy, stressed, or irritated after a business meeting, a conversation with our loved ones, or a conversation with an office colleague? While we can be quiet and content at times, we can also become too excited and nervous, or we can become irritated and afraid. When we observe these emotional patterns, we can see a specific cycle to the ups and downs. So, how can we regulate and manage our emotions and stress levels in order to bring more balance and calm into our lives?

It’s beneficial to understand how to manage work-related stress. If you frequently experience stress, you may be at risk of developing a mental health disorder such as depression or anxiety. And here are 11 ways how to stay stress-free at your work? (Probably! This is the list of resolution you should be taking this year!)  

  • Take a Deep Breath:

We all breath but taking a deep is very important. If you’re feeling heavy or low you need to clear your thoughts after a stressful meeting, a few minutes of deep breathing will help you to relax.

  • Take time to Recharge:

Even a few minutes of our personal time during the course of a heavy day can help prevent you from burnout. It’s also critical to take breaks from thinking about your job by not checking work-related emails on your time off or switch off your phone in the evenings.

  • Balance your work and personal life:

Being available 24 hours a day, seven days a week will quickly exhaust you. To reduce potential stress, it is critical to establish clear boundaries between your job and personal lives. Setting aside time for socialising and defining guidelines for when you will check emails or take phone calls is part of this.

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  • Remove your negative thoughts:

When you feel are been dealing with worries and extreme level stress for a long time, your mind may tend to rush to conclusions and see every storyline through a negative lens. Instead of making quick judgements, instead consider moving yourself from your negative ideas and simply observing.

  • Seek counselling:

You don’t have to be suffering from a mental illness to try treatment. Feeling drown at work is a completely reasonable cause to seek additional assistance and support. Working with a therapist can help you better recognize the roots of your work stress and devise strategies to deal with them. They can also assist you in developing de-stressing and self-care practices.

  • Spend Time on Your Hobbies:

There are numerous tensions in life that are not only tied to employment. This can cause you to neglect pastimes you formerly enjoyed. Whether you prefer playing a musical instrument, yoga, or painting. When you have something to look forward to, it might help improve your spirits.

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  • Exercise Regularly:

Exercise not only improves your mood and physical health, but it also aids with stress management. Take the time to exercise before work, during your lunch break, or after you’ve finished your shift. You can even workout more than once a day if it works for you. Exercise, no matter how frequently you do it, can help you build a pattern and provide a technique to relieve stress more frequently.

  • Learn to say No:

Do not be tempted to take on more work only to please your boss. You may come to despise your job if you overwork yourself. Recognize your strengths and the time you have to complete assignments.

  • Take care of yourself

If you frequently feel over stress by work, you must make time for self-care. This includes prioritising sleep, making time for fun, and eating regularly throughout the day.

  • Seek out For Happiness:

Are we really Happy?  At ourselves . Make time for  pleasure and joy. Prioritise hobbies and engage in them on a regular basis, whether it’s family time or community involvement or for an Social gathering . Job satisfaction is dependent on having a sense of purpose and meaning in your life.

  • Listen To Your Favorites Song:

Amazon, Spotify, YouTube Music, Wynk and myriads of music applications are available to us just a tap away. Listening to music reduces stress levels in participants, and it’s pretty easy to feel the same effect when listening to your favorite tunes. Take a break from your desk and listen to some relaxing tunes.

Lets make our work life easy going with these new year resolutions.

By: GlanaNikitha Rodrigues

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