How GenZ women are redefining dating in India?

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As the women-first dating app, Bumble shares five surprising insights on how Gen Z women are redefining dating in India per their recent research:*

1. Kindness is sexy.

Kindness goes beyond just being decent. While being nice has to do with being polite or pleasant to others, kindness takes it a step further, describing someone who acts in the interest of others, respects vulnerability, empathy, and compassion. 53% of GenZ women value kindness over physical attributes in a potential partner.** Entering the “kindness era,” GenZ women are now prioritising kindness and empathy above others when it comes to dating.

2. They know what they want.

No more playing games. Majority (58%) of Gen Z women respondents want to prioritise being honest and upfront about their dating intentions and relationship goals from the beginning, whether it’s something casual or committed. In fact, for 39% of GenZ women, emotional unavailability or inconsistency is a dating red flag.

3. Love comes in different shapes and sizes.

GenZ women are doing away with the stereotypical ‘tall, dark, and handsome’ requirements as the narrow search for our physical ‘type’ is not serving anymore. In fact, 41% of GenZ women believe that love comes in all shapes and sizes (being open to date outside your type-height, community, etc.)

4. Taking a stand.

Women have been conditioned, for generations, to compromise in relationships and often let negative things slide. Not Gen Z women. 46% of GenZ women are no longer willing to put up with toxic behaviours.** Additionally, for 42.5% of GenZ women respondents disrespectful or dismissive behaviour towards others and for 46.5% of GenZ women self-centeredness or selfish behaviour are major dating red flags.

5. ‘Guardrailing’:

Bumble’s dating trend, ‘Guardrailing’ refers to women establishing boundaries. Over half of GenZ women (55.5%) are prioritising establishing boundaries (emotional and physical) and consider it as a green flag in dating

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