Harrods to Hyderabad now in Bangalore. Concu is now the new destination for cafe lovers

Concu in Bangalore

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The bakery known as Concu is more of a concept than a typical establishment. This concept is all about bringing European flavors to India, for individuals who cannot or have not traveled to Europe but have always desired to taste the street side cafés at London, France, and other European cities. These people are the target audience for this concept. Concu is essentially a service similar to Zomato’s International Legends, though it avoids taking this comparison literally.

The brand has a long history of providing customers with the greatest possible products and services since it was established 12 years ago by Chef Sahil Taneja and Swati Upadhyay. The concept behind this was simple: you should be able to make people happy by providing them with delicious cuisine.

Chef Taneja pursued his engineering, only to  fall in love with baking. He pursued bakery course from London and decided to give his heart and soul to it. The baker has worked in many different establishments throughout London in order to gain an understanding of the many different approaches to baking, and finally found a job at The Harrods, which is a luxury store that serves nothing short than absolute perfection. Chef Taneja is indebted to the Head Chef at Harrods, who mentored him for the better part of two years and taught him the proper techniques for baking, serving, and making customers happy.

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Concu was established in Hyderabad twelve years ago, when a couple came to the conclusion that there was no bakery in the area that could provide them with the European pastries that they so desperately missed. After that, there was no turning back. Both of them put forth a lot of effort to develop the business into what it is now. This particular brand is credited for pioneering the revolutionary and one-of-a-kind concept of cake boutiques. The clientele has consistently been of the highest caliber and most refined. At Concu, everyone from celebrities to politicians, as well as the most powerful and the most modest people, was welcome. The pair, who already had more than nine locations in Hyderabad, made the decision to expand their business to Namma Bengaluru. In spite of the fact that Bangalore is home to a large number of excellent bakeries, this particular brand has already achieved widespread popularity.


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The strawberry covered in chocolate is consistently one of the most popular desserts in both London and Concu . In addition, the establishment provides a selection of coffee beverages, sweets, small plates, appetizers, pizza, pasta, and a few main-course meals that include elements of Indian cuisine. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, the lighting has been designed to reflect the west, and there are two levels of seating space available inside the restaurant. Additionally, there are alternatives for seats outside and the establishment is pet-friendly. If you wanted to eat a variety of things, it would cost approximately 1,500 rupees for two people to do so.

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The following is a list of items from the menu at Concu that we thought were exceptional and that we strongly encourage you to order at least once:

  1. Burgers : Super Soft buns with crispy patty. Something you would not have tasted anywhere in the world.

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  2. Salad : The warm carrot salad is a thing to try. It’s juicy, healthy and extremely delectable.

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  3. Pizza :The handcrafted pizza is something to try. The base is flaky and done to perfection. Toppings are up to you to choose.
  4. Avocado and Arugula Toast : An appetizer you must try. The guacamole is done to perfection, it’s fresh and very healthy. The sourdough used is fresh. One suggestion, you have to use your hands to eat it.

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  5. Pasta : A main course retreat. The white sauce pasta is a must try. Its done to perfection.
  6. Hummus and Pita : A Turkish delight, very popularly available in London is served at its best in Concu

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Concu is committed to the idea of employee empowerment, therefore the company provides its workers with training and development opportunities designed to develop them into capable entrepreneurs and business partners. The employees receive training on a variety of different levels and as a result, everyone is currently doing well for themselves.

Concu is currently fully self-sufficient in its operations in Hyderabad. Now in Bangalore, they’re in a league with giant competitors but they are sure to make it to the top very soon! It is also available on Zomato!

Author: Shrishti Jaiswal

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