Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru Brings The Flavours Of Awadh To The City 


Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru Brings The Flavours Of Awadh To The City 

Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru is delighted to introduce Chef Nadeem Qureshi, a seventh-generation Khansama from Lucknow, renowned for his exclusive service to the Nawabs, as the esteemed Indian Chef at CUR8. With his exceptional culinary expertise and a legacy of culinary excellence, Chef Nadeem brings the rich heritage of Awadhi cuisine to the heart of Bengaluru.

Hailing from a rich heritage of Awadhi cuisine and having an extensive international experience and refined understanding of diverse culinary, traditional Indian flavors, and techniques, Chef Nadeem Qureshi is set to captivate the palates of guests at Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru. The experience will transform the guests back to being among the royal courts of the medieval ages where specialized chefs for a particular dish are invited to cook for the royals. 

Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru Brings The Flavours Of Awadh To The City 

In frame: Chef Nadeem Qureshi


Chef Nadeem Qureshi will showcase the true essence of Awadhi cuisine, an exquisite menu that highlights the signature dishes and techniques that have made Awadhi cuisine renowned worldwide. Melt in your mouth ‘Galouti Kebabs’, ‘Shahi Nehari’ delicate breads known as ‘Baqarkhani’ and ‘exotic pulao’s’ garnished with real gold. 


Sahibzade Aur Biranj:

Biranj is a term referred to as ‘Biryani’, which means fried before cooking. It was brought to India by ‘Taimur the Lame’ in the 14th century from Persia, the humble rice dish made its way to the shahi bawarchikhanas, where it combined with the Indian pulao to transform into the stately biryani eaten all over the world.

Awadhi Surkh Tale Kathal ki Biryani – Fresh jack fruit, cooked with Brown Onions, Kewra, Rose Water on Dum with Premier Bashmati Rice (V)

Soya kofta Mutter Biryani– Soya Chank, Dry nuts cooked with Brown Onions, Kewra, and Rose Water on Dum with Premier Basmati Rice (V)

Gosht Afghani Pulao– Prime Cuts of lamb, cooked with carrot and Raisin on Dum with Premier Basmati Rice

Dum Pukht Murgh Biryani– Prime Cuts of Locavore Chicken, Brown Onions, Mint, Coriander, Cooked in its own stock on Dum with Premier Basmati Rice

Lauki Kofta Qaliyan– Bottle guard Dumplings in Brown Onion Based gravy enriched with nuts (V)

Paneer Jalfrezi– Cottage Cheese, Peppers, and Onions tossed in Onion Tomato Masala (V)

Baghare Baingan Mirchi Ka Salan– Fried Baby Aubergine and Green chilies simmered in a spiced curry. (V)

Chilgoza Malai Palak Makhana-Fresh Spinach and Pine nuts, Fox Nuts, garlic Onion Tomato, Cashew Based Gravy. (V)

Subz-e- Akbari -Mixed Vegetables, tomato, onion, Cashew nut based creamy gravy (V)

Paya aur Gosht ki Miskin Nihari– Prime Cuts of Lamb and Trotter Simmered in its own stock with spices (N)

Chironji Murgh Qorma – Prime cuts of Chicken, Cooked with onions and Mamra Almond and Cashew nut. (N)

Mahi Mussalam– Fish marinade with Indian spice, Cooked with brown onions and   Cashewnut based gravy (N)

Dal Maash Qaliyan – Our Signature Green Lentil with Fresh Spinach, 95% Fat White Butter, Slow Cooked on Charcoal Heat for 48 hrs (V)

Dal Sultani– Creamy Yellow Lentil Cooked with Garlic, Cumin and Clove Smoke (V)

Raitas (All Vegetarian)

Mix Veg Raita, Boondi Raita, Burrani Raita, Laccha Pyaaz, Sirka Pyaaz, Carrot Pickle, Green Chilly Pickle, Garlic Pickle,  Mix Veg Pickle, Red Chilly Pickle, Dahi Ki Chutney, Mint Chutney, Lehsun Chutney, Papaya Relish

Specialty Breads (All Vegetarian)

Khamiri kulcha, Pudina Pratha, Butter Naan, Garlic cheese Naan, Zaituni Naan, Roti


The Indian royals referred to Desserts as Meetha. They were an indulgent lot and quite naturally, their penchant for luxury extended to their cuisine. Most of them had a prominent sweet tooth and unlike their western counterparts, they did not eat their sweets to close their meal, but instead ate at the beginning or alongside.

Fruit Rabdi (V)

Balushahi (V)

Moti Jamun (V)

Gulab Barfi (V)

Gulkand Rasmalai (V)

Thande Gulab Ki Kheer (V)

Beetroot aur Shakarkand ka Halwa (V)

Seviyan ka Muzaffar (V)

Awadhi Shahi Tukra (V)

Aam Kesar Ki Phirni (V)

Metha Paan

Every Friday, at CUR8, Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru transforms into a haven for gastronomic delights. Guests and culinary enthusiasts are invited to embark on a remarkable journey of flavors and culture as they savor the exquisite creations of Chef Nadeem Qureshi. Combining traditional Awadhi recipes with his own innovative touch, from succulent kebabs infused with fragrant spices to flavorful biryanis prepared with utmost precision Chef Nadeem presents a culinary experience that is truly unforgettable.

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