Fortune Favors the Bold at Muro, A Social Club Nestled in the Heart of Bangalore Where Culture, Crafted Cocktails, Comforting Cuisine and Conversations Behold!


Fortune Favors the Bold at Muro, A Social Club Nestled in the Heart of Bangalore Where Culture, Crafted Cocktails, Comforting Cuisine and Conversations Behold!

The emerging social scene of Bengaluru gets a notch higher with the newest addition of a social club Muro. Poised to strengthen the foundation and push the boundaries, Muro brings a muted yet refined experience for all visitors. Revolutionizing the concept of a social club, Muro aims to redefine boundaries by providing its patrons with their well curated Cantonese Menu, Thai cuisine and a meticulously devised drinks program– that arouses and tantalizes the senses.

As the city experiences a gradual transformation in the realm of fine dining and drinking, an ongoing metamorphosis is at play. Muro aspires to contribute to this positive change by setting the standard. The exclusive cocktail bar is a bold leap of faith but Muro’s tagline ‘Fortune favors the bold’ is the very invitation to tackle and explore unparalleled culinary experiences.

Talking about it, founder Amit Gowda says, “At Muro, we’re redefining the concept of social clubs by introducing a fresh perspective on the property. Our vision is to leverage cultural capital—promoting the exchange of knowledge and experiences. We are committed to create an atmosphere free from theatrical distractions, allowing our guests to immerse themselves fully in the richness of the cuisine, drinks and the art of conversations.”

The food menu is rooted in Thai and Cantonese preparations with signature dishes like Cheung Fun, Salmon Salad and Crispy Pork Salad are waiting to be relished. An extension of experiential indulgence comes from the Muro Musings cocktail menu featuring a careful curation of 8 cocktails provoking the question “what if?”. Going through an extensive trial and error, the beverages present distinct flavors and concepts which have been largely unexplored yet. The ethos guiding the drinks program emphasizes three principles. The foremost priority is the taste of the beverages. Subsequently, consideration is given to the ingredients and concepts, which should engage the mind. Lastly, the program aims to enhance the drinks through modernist techniques.

The Good Apple is a bioluminescent libation that tantalizes both the visual and gustatory senses, this drink is an easy gin sipper tailored to suit India’s warm climate. The process involves subjecting a London Dry Gin to 36 hours of freezing in a blast chiller to achieve the right temperature and then adding clarified green apple juice to it. The end result is a gin cocktail that boasts the flavors of green apple with a fresh, fruity profile, complemented by the addition of fresh Yuzu, cucumber relish, and jasmine, along with a secret ingredient. This concoction is colorless but exhibits a mesmerizing glow under black light. The Heat of the Moment is another crafted cocktail that is a picante style spiced drink with an Indian twist. The drink avoids using mainstream chillies like a Jalapeno or red pepper and instead uses a Naga chili that provides a super-spicy, yet nuanced savory, and tobacco like peppery flavor. The Reverse Breakfast Drink At Muro, is inspired by a unique concept called ‘Reverse Cocktail Pairing,’ inspired from Double Chicken Please in New York where you drink what you’re supposed to eat and eat what you’re supposed to drink. Each drink is meticulously passed through a diverse number of palates, thoroughly analyzed for pH levels, sugar volume and alcohol percentage.

Niharika Raval Founder Muro

At Muro, the magic begins even before you enter the premises. Inspired by the spellbinding works of celebrated European architect Carlo Scarpa, Muro’s exteriors are built with meticulous and impeccable dedication. With a lush landscape welcoming patrons, there is a sense of green and blissful seclusion from the outside world that pays the perfect ode to Bangalore’s serene lakes. Creating an all-encompassing, dynamic environment that exudes both warmth and enigma. The fusion of timeless nostalgia with Thai cuisine, crafted cocktails, and a profound embrace of Bangalorean culture sets the stage for an immersive, and enriching experience. Establishing an inviting environment that beckons you to return time and again. Each visit unfolds as a treasured experience with the distinctive burgundy and green interiors serving as a backdrop that keeps you yearning for more.

Months of research and planning have undergone in crafting a place that allows to spark familiarity even among strangers. Each visit to Muro will unfold as an encounter with unchartered territories of fine cuisine and exquisite cocktails. It’s a place to foster real connections over a great meal – where a drink out with a friend or a partner evokes being in some form of an elevated culinary living room that is an extension of your home and heart.

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