Float Brewery – A Place To Enjoy Good Food And Bangalore Sky


Float Brewery A Place To Enjoy Good Food And Bangalore Sky (1)

Bangalore, known as the beer capital of India is witnessing burgeoning brewery across its different regions. There was a time when Indiranagar, Koramangala were the hit spot for all the beer lovers to enjoy a sip or two. With Float Brewery, the capital is experiencing an exceptional place to sit back and relax in Kalyan Nagar. 

Float Brewery is a multi floor brewery that delights the city with some freshly crafted beers. The Brewery recently went through a major revamping, where new decor, new chef and new menu items were introduced that serves the tastebud of all. 

The new space boasts a spacious rooftop that allows you to enjoy your day under Bangalore’s sky. The menu has a mix of all cuisines and some yummy fusion food too that will blow your mind away with its incredible taste.

To experience the space, the team of TheStyle.World visited Float Brewery during the Christmas celebration and experienced the festivity in its full glory. During the pre-Christmas sit down, Float Brewery hosted cities’ most loved influencers and media personnel. 

The whole space was painted in the colours of Christmas. The table décor was done in red and white shade where a 5 course meal was served. The dinner started off with a Christmassy pumpkin soup, chicken satay and a very interesting puchka palate cleanser which was followed by the main course and a yummy dessert.


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Float Brewery is an ultimate party destination in the area that caters to all the needs of its youthful and energetic clients. From hand-crafted drinks to savory dishes, flavor always takes center stage here. It offers some of the finest options for a night out in the town and ensures a good time to each of its visitors.

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