Flavored sanitary pads with peppermint and menthol to beat the summer heats!


Can you really get flavored sanitary pads? The necessity of this item is unclear. It’s your period again, which means significant mood swings and increased discomfort. Why? Your period has resumed, so you’re back on the bandwagon. In the heat of summer, when an outbreak is at its peak.

Flavored sanitary pads with peppermint and menthol to beat the summer heats!

At this point in the pandemic, being inside all day and working incessantly doesn’t sound very appealing. Compounded by the agony of summer menstruation (itching, rashes, stickiness, and cramps). Taking a painkiller for cramps probably ranks low on your list of favourite things to do right now, what with all the vitamin supplements you must be taking. Is there anything you can do to ease the cramping?

Menthol : The menthol in your tea is the key. You can use it as a rub, an inhalant, or a beverage. This tiny plant, adaptable in both shape and function, is the solution to all your menstrual problems. Menthol, which is made from predominantly peppermint oil and other similar oils, has been shown to reduce pain, boost mood, and generally improve period symptoms.

Oils and Ointments : Oils and ointments containing menthol are effective pain relievers because they produce a cooling sensation on the skin and increase blood flow, both of which contribute significantly to lessening pain. Vasodilation, or the widening of blood vessels, increases blood flow to the painful locations and greatly lessens discomfort.

While the “cooling sensation on your skin” was enough to sell us on menthol-based oils and ointments, it’s vital to note that reapplication is only necessary every 2–3 hours and that a patch test should be performed first.

Essential Oils
: One of the main oils used to make menthol is peppermint, and studies have shown that inhaling its aroma can have a profound effect on one’s state of mind. Mix it with water and whatever other oils you like in a diffuser, and there you have it! Breathe calm in, and let go of stress.

Peppermint essential oil, when massaged into sore muscles after being diluted with a carrier oil like coconut or castor oil, is known for its analgesic properties.

Medical treatments
: Although there is not much information available at the moment, a 2016 study that sought to evaluate the effects of mint-based drugs on Dysmenorrhea found that while mint did not significantly reduce bleeding, it did significantly help in reducing pain.

Mint has antibacterial and antifungal characteristics in addition to its cooling effect, making it ideal for use in hygienic products.

If you needed further evidence that menthol is superior, here it is in the form of peppermint tea. Peppermint tea has a long history of use as a treatment for menstrual cramps.

It’s time to be ready for your next period now that you know how useful this amazing plant is. Although menthol has many purported health benefits, including for your periods, you should still visit a doctor if you experience severe, prolonged bleeding or severe, prolonged cramping.

Too much of a good thing can happen with peppermint and menthol, so moderation is key. Large dosages of peppermint oil or menthol can be harmful to your health and cause skin irritation or even rashes.


Considerations Prior to Purchasing Sanitary Napkins:

  1. Throughout the cycle, certain days will experience a heavy discharge. It is ideal to choose sanitary pads with an absorbent core composed of cellulose. So that it absorbs moisture and maintains dryness.
  2. Length is the most important factor to consider when purchasing a knee protector. It depends primarily on your comfort and physical needs. Longer and larger cushions provide greater comfort, cover more surface area, and prevent leakage.
  3. Material: You must choose the pads’ material with great attention. The material of the sanitary pads should not irritate or produce rashes on the skin. Therefore, for breathability, we advise selecting organic cotton pads that are soft and secure.
  4. Following the flow is the flow, which varies from woman to woman. The discharge also varies according to the cycle’s days. If you have a heavy menstrual flow, you must choose a sanitary pad with a high absorption capacity.
  5. Some individuals have extremely sensitive epidermis. Cotton pads and very soft sanitary napkins are preferable in order to prevent rashes, irritations, and infections. Choose rash-free diapers if you experience rashes.
Flavored sanitary pads with peppermint and menthol to beat the summer heats!

image credits : Sofy’s website

Benefits of buying Sofy cool freshness menthol fresh sanitary pad 

  1. The menthol in the mix makes you feel even cooler when you have your period.
  2. It smells like cool water and makes you feel cool and clean.
  3. Has a deep-absorbent sheet that soaks up flow until the last sheet and keeps the top sheet clean so you feel relaxed.
  4. The extra-long shape protects against leaks better.
  5. The special ultra-slim design and comfortable dry cover make it feel like you’ve never used it.
  6. With its coolpad technology, the summer will no longer be hot, stuffy, and sticky.


Calmness and Refreshment Sanitary Pads are made to be comfortable and irritant-free at that time. The combination of the innovative Coolpad technology and the cooling sensation of menthol makes this product ideal for use during your period. Its dry cover absorbs menstrual flow while being soft and comforting on sensitive intimate skin. Now you can use this sanitary napkin in peace and comfort.As the weather warms up, stock up on minty treats to keep you cool.


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