Fashion & Interior – JD Design Awards 2023 In Vijayawada Receives Thunderous Applause 

Fashion & Interior - JD Design Awards 2023 In Vijayawada Receives Thunderous Applause 

Photo Courtesy: Snaplica

JD Design Awards 2023 wrapped its final event in Vijayawada with a fashion show that was inspirational. The collections presented had a story attached to it. Here the young fashion designers paid tribute to emotions, their heroes, indigenous tribes, the art and culture, basically anything that sprung their creativity to life. The show was attended by luminaries from the fashion industry, premium brands, influencers and the media. 

The event commenced after the lighting of the lamp by Mr. Nealesh Dalal, Managing Trustee – JD Institute of Fashion Technology and JD School of Design; Mr. Giri Gangisetty, Director, Vijayawada – JD Institute of Fashion Technology; Mr. Venkatesh Pusarla Director, Vijayawada, JD Institute of Fashion Technology.

The future of design is not just about creating aesthetically pleasing garments, they require to be crafted in a way that tells a story. The fashion design aspirants of JD Institute of Fashion Technology presented a comprehensive range of advanced designs that unleashed ground-breaking ideas. From intricate detailing to incorporation of technology, the show opened the doors to innovation. The purpose of JD Design Awards is to mobilize the youth of our country and shape experiences. The curated design extravaganza showcased next-gen talent from Vijayawada who have a passion to become future fashion industry leaders.

Mr. Nealesh Dalal, Managing Trustee says, “JD Design Awards is at the threshold of creating a disruption in the field of design thinking and its discipline. The youth of Vijayawada have shown what it takes to be fashion forward and yet stay true to one’s roots. That is what we want, be Global.”

Gracing the occasion was Mrs. Sreelatha, Brand Manager, Oriana GRT, Chennai; Mr. Praveen Architect and Managing Director; Mrs. Bhagya, Managing Director of The Bhagya; Mr. Manoj Managing Director of Lavin Crafts, Vijayawada.

Winners of JD Design Awards 2023 Fashion Show:

  • Ajay Krishna, was awarded Best Collection award for his collection Tack Guide which paid tribute to ELIAS HOWE.
  • Sangepu Sravani, was awarded Best Concept Award for her collection TANGERINE ERA that paid tribute to QUEEN VICTORIA.
  • Vanga Madhu Bala, was awarded Jury Choice Award for her collection TRANSVESTITE which paid tribute to Lakshmi Tirpathi. 
  • Lakshmi Sree, was awarded Excellence in Academic & creative design for her collection The BINDU that paid to PIRAJI SAGARA.
  • Jyothirmayee & Sandhya, was awarded Most Innovative & Best Execution Award for their collection CHIKURIN SLEEK that paid tribute to JADAV PAYENG.

Winners of JD Design Awards 2023 Interior Design Exhibition:

  • Devraj and Neha Jain, was awarded Best Concept of the year award for their design Gestalt Circle that paid tribute to Nawazuddin Siddiqui.
  • Irfan Malik, was awarded Best Execution Award for his design The Prozpekt that paid tribute to KR$NA.
  • Sai Shankar, was awarded Special Jury Award for his design The Hippodrome that paid tribute to Valentino Rossi.
  • Nishi shah, was awarded Most Innovative Design Solution Award for her design Biomorphic Lore that paid tribute to Mrinalini Mukherjee.

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