Family of Rosa Recipe by Cafe Noir on National Dessert Day

Family of Rosa Recipe by Cafe Noir on National Dessert Day
As the sweetest day of the year approaches, Cafe Noir, the epitome of Parisian charm and culinary excellence shares a delectable recipe to indulge in this National Dessert Day.
Family of Rosa by Cafe Noir:
For Mousse
1) whipping cream 400gm
2) mascarpone cream cheese 200gm
3) pears 300gm
4) castor sugar 50gm
5) rose marry 1 stick
6) vanilla pod

For Vanilla base

1) flour 200gm
2) icing sugar 80gm
3) baking powder 4gm
4) baking soda 2gm
5) milk powder 60gm
6) water 120ml

For Chocolate glaze-
1) 200gm white chocolate
2) 60ml oil


For Sponge
– Shift and combine all the dry ingredients and whisk the milk until no lumps
– Bake at 160 degrees for 20mis

For Mousse

– Cook pears with sugar and infuse rosemary in it
– Add 1 tsp of water, cook for 6 to 8 mins, then remove rosemary stick and let it cool
– Soften some mascarpone with spatula and add in beated whipped cream and vanilla. Combine well.


1) Take a pear shaped mould and apply the mascarpone mousse to it
2) Add a layer of vanilla base
3) Carefully put a good layer of pear compote
4) Pipe a thin layer of mousse
5) Add the final layer of vanilla base
Freeze for 2 hours


– Melt white chocolate and add oil into it and add green or pear colour
– Demould and finish with chocolate glaze
Recipe Credit: Chef Amit Shetty at Cafe Noir, Lower Parel

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