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Echo Aloft Bengaluru unveiled Echo a rooftop oasis of gin gastronomy and groove The Style World (4)

Nestled within the urban buzz of Bengaluru’s Outer Ring Road, Aloft Bengaluru recently unveiled a jewel in its crown: Echo, a rooftop lounge bar and dining venue set to capture the city’s nightlife scene.

Echo is not just a bar; it is an experience. Consider alfresco sitting under a starry sky, with magnificent cityscapes serving as the backdrop for an evening of sophisticated pleasure. Epicurean delights dance on your tongue, with each dish thoughtfully prepared to complement the star of the show: beautiful gin drinks.

Echo Aloft Bengaluru unveiled Echo a rooftop oasis of gin gastronomy and groove The Style World (3)

With over 30 gin labels on its shelves, Echo bills itself as Bengaluru’s ultimate “gin destination.” But the magic does not end there. The name “Echo” suggests wonderful atmospheres, and it certainly delivers. Carefully picked music combines with the expertise of expert mixologists to create a symphony of sound and flavor. Live bands and star DJs offer a touch of modern energy, while classical elegance serves as an undertone, guaranteeing that each hour at Echo is unique.

Echo is more than simply a visual feast; it is also a culinary journey to be enjoyed. Echo welcomes you on a voyage where global flavors dance with local delights, all while taking in the city’s stunning scenery. Prepare to be tantalized by a symphony of sensations. The ambient location combines the cool Bengaluru breeze with the alluring smells of spices and sizzling grills.

Echo’s culinary masters have thoughtfully created a menu as diverse as the city itself. From juicy kebabs flavored with aromatic Indian spices to scrumptious pizzas brimming with fresh, local ingredients, each dish demonstrates the chef’s love and ingenuity.

“We are thrilled to unveil Echo,” says Sita Lekshmi, General Manager of Aloft Bengaluru Outer Ring Road. “We have poured our hearts into creating a space where gastronomy, mixology, and music harmoniously converge.” This passion is visible in every detail, from the expertly created menu to the specialized gin bar, which has both global and local delights.


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So, whether you’re a Bengaluru resident or a curious visitor, Echo invites you. Enter its arms and prepare to be fascinated. Raise a glass to the city lights, let the music wash over you, and be carried away by the alluring beat of our rooftop retreat. Echo is more than simply a bar; it’s a statement that Bengaluru’s nightlife has reached new heights, and you’re encouraged to join in.


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