When you’re in the mood for unusual food combinations


Do you get the some crazy food cravings sometimes? Sometimes some odd combinations can actually create delicious dishes. Here are some delightful mash-ups in Bangalore, that will tickle your palate and satisfy your crazy cravings.

Cotton Candy Burrito

Cotton Candy Burrito, anyone? The Candy Cloud Factory special Cotton Candy Burrito is rolled with ice cream and a generous sprinkle of cereal like cocoa puffs, rainbow drops and fruit loops wrapped in cotton candy. You can pick your favourite flavour and also can add some additional toppings. Crazy enough?

Chocolate Pani Puri

Pani Weds Puri, a small Pani Puri stall in Rajajinagar serves India’s favourite street snack in a dessert form. The dark and white chocolate coated Pani Puri shells filled with crumbled cake, chocolate syrup, mousse, topped with sprinkles is more than you can ask for. You can also get Golgappas filled with chocolate pani here.

Ramen Burger

A true noodles fan must be familiar with the world-known ramen bowls. But, how about a Ramen Burger? Ramen Burgers are nothing but the burger bun replaced by ramen noodles cake that sandwich a variety of fillings including chicken, pork, vegetable katju, cheese, lettuce and a fried egg.  Pot-O-Noodles’s Ramen noodles is mixed with egg and frozen overnight. The pan-roasted ramen buns will be one crazy dish for your Instagram post.

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