Concu Debuts, Elevating Bengaluru’s Cafe Culture


Concu Debuts, Elevating Bengaluru's Cafe Culture

Concu, the renowned patisserie and cafe chain, announces its debut in Bengaluru with its 10th outlet in the heart of Indiranagar. This momentous occasion also coincides with the brand’s 11th Anniversary celebration.  Marking its first venture outside Hyderabad, Concu brings a decade-long legacy of crafting appetizing and authentic treats to delight the palates of Bengaluru’s food enthusiasts.

Aptly named after the French word for “crafted”, Concu’s products reflect perfection to the very core. The cafe’s menu boasts sumptuous European style desserts and globally-inspired food, accompanied by expertly brewed coffees. As a tribute to Bengaluru, the cafe introduces a series of exclusive delicacies like Edamame, Fava beans & Berry Tomato Brioche, Gongura Mutton Toast, Hyderabadi Anda Tamatar, Espresso Cheesecake Iced Coffee to augment the regular menu.

Aspiring to capture the essence of charming street facing cafes of European cities, Concu Bengaluru’s ambience is designed to exude sophistication and warmth with soft lighting and a distinct minimal Scandinavian aesthetics The inviting space features corner nooks, window-side views of the bustling city, quaint tables, and plenty of natural light to offer guests a serene haven to disconnect from the digital and connect with each other.  

Speaking about the launch, Swati Upadhyay, Co-Founder of Concu, expressed, “From its inception as a quaint, cosy setup in Hyderabad to expanding into a new city, Concu’s journey has been a labor of love, reflecting passion and perfection at its core. With over a decade of expertise in perfecting our menu, service, and ambiance, we remain steadfast in our pursuit to infuse each morsel with a grade of refinement that elevates Concu beyond a brand to a truly unparalleled experience. We are incredibly proud and thrilled about our launch in Bengaluru, and we wholeheartedly welcome all guests to come and indulge in our exclusive menu.”

Sahil Taneja, Co-Founder and Head Pastry Chef, Concu said “With eleven years in Hyderabad, stepping into Bengaluru feels like a long-awaited homecoming, as we bring our passion for exquisite European desserts to this vibrant city. Right from the taste of our creations to their visual appeal, we have taken great care in curating a menu that will set Concu apart. Besides, our team is also truly excited to launch the new creations that have been included exclusively for our Bengaluru customers.”

For those seeking solace and quietude, Concu offers a tranquil ambience, perfect for contemplation and unhurried reading, allowing an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city outside. Concu invites the community of Bengaluru to join in celebrating this momentous occasion and indulge in its divine flavours.

Concu Debuts, Elevating Bengaluru's Cafe Culture

Concu is the brainchild of the visionary team, Chef Sahil Taneja and Swati Upadhyay. This enchanting cafe-patisserie chain offers a delightful experience, with an array of delectable desserts, specialty beverages, and a menu inspired by flavors from around the globe. Starting as a humble cake boutique in 2012, Concu quickly earned its reputation as the city’s most beloved dessert destination, thanks to its signature creations that charmed taste buds far and wide. The overwhelming love from patrons led to the expansion of Concu across Hyderabad, boasting 10 stores in total, including 9 branches artfully scattered throughout the city and now an alluring presence in the vibrant city of Bengaluru Concu’s mission is to harmoniously offer the highest quality desserts and food, while elevating the customer experience through its ambience and service. Over the years, the brand has earned the trust of loyal patrons seeking an extraordinary signature experience.

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