Carat Crush brings to you the Vital Collection – an exclusive range of diamond jewellery


Carat Crush brings to you the Vital Collection - an exclusive range of diamond jewellery

Staying true to its name, the Vital Collection by Carat Crush is an essential wardrobe staple that every woman deserves. Disrupting the idea of diamonds being worn only for special occasions, their new collection, Vital, is made to be enjoyed day in and day out. All pieces are set in 18kt gold with natural diamonds. All pieces are available in white, yellow, or rose gold catering to all metal colour preferences.

Carat Crush, from the house of renowned jeweller Diamantinastarted this journey of affordable fine jewellery when only heavier jewellery options were available on the market. The idea was to give women the option to purchase something valuable for themselves, to enjoy wearing every day, without breaking the bank. With immense determination and confidence, these two women launched the brand and stepped into the competitive fine jewellery market with high quality pieces. The Vital Collection is the perfect way to show your love and affection towards the women in your life. Donning various hats, women deserve the much needed appreciation for all the roles they play in our lives.

Born and brought up in Mumbai, the two sisters, Aanchal and Arpan, both have master’s degrees from the UK in International business & Luxury brand management respectively. Having work experience ranging from interning at magazines like GQ and Harper’s Bazaar, to an ad agency as well as a few years’ as a wedding planner, the ladies have vast experience in different fields. This phenomenal start to their careers filled them up with the desire to make their dreams a reality. While working with various people and tackling inumerable obstacles, they mastered the art of juggling multiple tasks, time management, and learned the importance of networking.

Talking about the new collection, the Founders shared, “We are excited for women to get their hands on the Vital Collection which is our way of glamming up your everyday outfit without any stress. It is for the one who is always on the lookout for something minimalistic yet eye-catching. We have strived hard to design a versatile collection which appeals to everyone and we truly cannot wait to see everyone flaunt it from AM to PM.” 

About Carat Crush :-

Carat Crush was founded in 2015 by sisters, Aanchal and Arpan under the banner of the high jewellery brand – Diamantina Fine Jewels. In a digital age rife with discerning preferences in luxury, they noticed a conspicuous absence of everyday fine jewellery, or as they like to call them – Daily Diamonds. Carat Crush with its uber chic fine jewellery collections seeks to fill that gap, by being wearable, versatile, sentimental, and timeless, but most importantly – authentic.

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