BIRKENSTOCK Made A Remarkable Statement With Its Presentation “Grounded In Nature” With Shivan & Narresh At Lakme Fashion Week X FDCI



BIRKENSTOCK, the universal Zeitgeist and Purpose brand renowned for its unique footbed creating the experience of “Naturgewolltes Gehen” (Walking as Intended by Nature), made a creative appearance at Lakme Fashion Week in association with FDCI with SHIVAN & NARRESH. The presentation titled GROUNDED IN NATURE marked a harmonious blend of comfort & style, as BIRKENSTOCK’s timeless designs met Shivan & Narresh’s penchant for bold and imaginative prints.

The presentation offered a truly immersive and unique experience, ingeniously blending BIRKENSTOCK’s commitment to walk as nature intended with a distinct ambiance that was nothing short of remarkable. The ambiance was an artistic representation of a Finnish Sauna, capturing the essence of serenity and natural beauty, in the autumn hues from BIRKENSTOCK’s Fall/ Winter 2023 colorways. The sauna was creatively shaped as the BIRKENSTOCK footbed. The elevated seating arrangement, thoughtfully inspired by geological stratum, not only allowed the footwear to take centerstage but also underscored the importance of nature and its layers in the brand’s philosophy. In entirety, the concept mirrored a serene experience, as if one is in a sauna, in nature, in life.

BIRKENSTOCK previewed its all-new Corduroy collection on the runway – this range is an interpretation of the brand’s classic designs, combining the timeless charm of corduroy with the exceptional comfort of suede in an array of styles, including Arizona, Boston, Naples, and Kyoto. In addition to the Corduroy collection, BIRKENSTOCK also showcased a curated assortment of the most beloved styles, reimagined in fresh materials, colors and textures, exclusively for Fall/Winter 2023. The iconic Arizona, Madrid & Gizeh silhouettes made an appearance in High-Shine, boasting metallic finishes and glossy textures that catch the light with every step. The Papillio collection that is loved for offering the support, comfort, and quality of a classic BIRKENSTOCK sandal but with a lift, also left a mark on the runway in new seasonal colorways.

BIRKENSTOCK’s latest styles were beautifully paired with SHIVAN & NARRESH’s ready-to-wear collection – ‘Suomi Series’ that finds its roots in the designers’ recent sojourn to Finland. During their travels, SHIVAN & NARRESH did an immersive dive into Suomi culture, which sparked the genesis of three iconic prints: Saun, Leviland and Aurorays. Each of these prints encapsulate the very soul of Finland, drawing from its natural beauty and surroundings including the unique topography of the land, the mesmerizing northern lights, and the cultural significance of the Finnish sauna tradition. Life in Finland is intricately woven with outdoor living, grounded in nature. This connection finds a unique expression highlighted by the pioneering introduction of knitted socks by the brand, exemplifying the special emphasis on feet in Finnish culture. Offering a diverse range of silhouettes – from shackets to knitted co-ord sets and jumpers to lurex maxi dresses, skirts, and trousers – this ready to wear collection caters to varying tastes and preferences for both men and women.

Celebrity muses Athiya Shetty and Rana Daggubati, dressed in both brands, elevated the style quotient of the show. The runway presentation opened with an effortlessly glamourous entry by Athiya Shetty while Rana Daggubati closed it in his natural charm and poise.

From the streets to the most influential global catwalks, from being a functional must-have item to a coveted fashion statement, BIRKENSTOCK’s popularity and its ability to creatively blend its function-first ethos with high fashion is unparalleled. On the other hand, SHIVAN & NARRESH is India’s first luxury holiday brand with a unique signature style that is bold, confident and sophisticated. Together, they presented a fusion of elegance and ease with an artistically curated mood board that marked the ideal holiday and resort-wear fashion statement.

Jens Hattab, Regional Managing Director (Middle East, Africa and India), BIRKENSTOCK said, “BIRKENSTOCK transcends beyond trends and seasons, it is always about timelessness! As a global brand that has traversed centuries, we are proud to present our story to the Indian audience through our first creative appearance at this fashion platform with GROUNDED IN NATURE.”

Speaking on the occasion, Vinay Bansal, Managing Director, BIRKENSTOCK India Private Limited, further added, “We are pleased to make our creative appearance at Lakme Fashion Week x FDCI alongside SHIVAN & NARRESH. Both brands share a common admiration for craftsmanship and excellence, making this a seamless, purposeful, and innate relation. Their design sensibilities blend perfectly with our vision of effortless style and comfort, and we are excited to showcase this amalgamation.”

Speaking on the collection, Shivan Bhatiya, Head Designer & Narresh Kukreja, Creative Director, SHIVAN & NARRESH share, “Suomi series takes inspiration from our holiday trip to Finland. The joys of Nordic nature draws print inspirations from the striking Scandinavian landscapes, mesmerizing Northern Lights, aerial views of breathtaking snow-clad ski slopes, and the ancient self-care traditions of the Finnish Sauna Culture. ‘Suomi,’ the Finnish word for Finland, enlivens the soul of this creative journey. Coming together with BIRKENSTOCK came to be an instinctive and organic choice as both brands share a like-minded synergy and deep connection to nature’s role in inspiring and enhancing everyday life. The designs seamlessly blend holiday allure with urban versatility. With this year’s presentation we are excited to immerse our audience in the sensory richness of Nordic culture, fusing opulent comfort and functionality with our visually- immersive, maximalist design universe.”

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