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Best TV Shows to Watch This Christmas (3)

Christmas! As the holiday season approaches, many people are making plans for their Christmas. If you are a Serioholic, who wants to chill on the couch, you are in for a treat with the Best TV Shows  lineup on OTT platforms, each wrapped with a collection of tales and adorned with the season’s magic.

  • The Office

OMG!!!  There is no doubt that, this is the best Christmas sitcom drama you will ever watch. The Office is a 2005 American television series with 9 seasons that depicts the everyday work lives of office employees at the Scranton, Pennsylvania branch of the fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper company. One of the reasons “The Office” has remained so popular is that it captures the extraordinary in the ordinary. Very few shows can make such a great connection with the audience. Each and every character gets bonded to such a great extent that it feels like we know them personally. This Christmas, you must not miss the show.

  • Modern Family

Modern Family is a hilarious yet very touching family-oriented sitcom to watch this Christmas. First few episodes and bam! You will fall in love with the show. Where each episode has you clutching at your sides and roaring with laughter. It revolves around the perspectives of 3 connected families, not only by blood but by their unhindered and unconditional love towards one another. The diversity of the characters, the wit of every single punchline being thrown, and the life lessons presented, these are just a few of the reasons why you couldn’t help yourself binge watch this show. After watching 11 seasons completely you’ll miss this show.

  • How I Met Your Mother

You can’t afford to miss the show this Christmas. “How I Met Your Mother,” is like love at first sight. This show, told through the legendary storytelling skills of, Ted Mosby, takes you on an epic journey of friendship, romance, and all the hilarious misadventures that come with it. the show is legen….wait for it….dary…. You will get this when you watch the show. Lily and Marshall’s love story has blossomed into something beautiful, Lily’s character as a friend, a wife and a daughter gets us thinking of our mother, The 9 season of the show besides being entertaining; it gives us the most important life lessons. It has shown growth, love, sadness, passion, strength and true friendship.

  • Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls is one of the all-time favorite shows!!! which can dangerously become addictive!  You will never get tired of watching this show over and over. 7 seasons and every moment of this show is definitely well worth watching. The contrasting mother-daughter relationships of Emily and Lorelai and Lorelai and Rory become a defining theme of the show and a lens through which many of the female relationships are viewed. All characters are well-portrayed by the actors and actresses of this show, never a dull moment shown…everyone’s thoughtful, endearing, warm, interactive, funny and very concerned with each other,

  • Gossip Girl

This Christmas Buckle up for a ride through the glamorous and scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite teenager’s on the top East side where everything is done with style. Gossip Girls is one awesome teenage program ever you wish to praise Blair, and her friendship group of Isabel Coates and Kati Farkas. An amazing show!! it’s hard to find shows about teenagers with stuff other than parties and supernatural and this show is just amazing full of drama and emotional chaos. This will be definitely worth your time and once you’re done with it, you just feel like 6 seasons isn’t enough. I’m going to miss it!

Let’s celebrate this Christmas with these Best TV shows.

By: Thushitha M

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